The Tiki Company's Failed Reboot

A while back we tried to do a reboot of The Tiki Company. It lasted only one session, and we didn't get back into the swing of things. None of what happened here is cannon, so I figured I'd archive the adventure logs.

As the Phoenix From the Flame


February 23, 2012 19:29

Dear Journal,

Today marks the two-year anniversary of our victory over Captain Krogan. I still remember that final battle; it haunts me still to this day. After we escaped from that horrid prison on Buck’s pirate ship, we journeyed to the Island of the Crystals. There, we removed the curse of the Soulsword from Buck and Belarin was more than happy to take up the charge. Blade in hand, we set out to put a stop to the pending doom that we unknowingly brought to all of Ferramorrah, killing the four ghosts we released and filling the Soulsword. The last ghost was particularly gruesome, I recall, and we almost lost Peregrine in the fight, but we were victorious all the same. We had never felt so close, so connected. Buck, Peregrine, Belarin, Borris, and I, a group set out to change the world, we were invincible.

It wasn’t until we returned to our ship that we realized the apocalypse was still coming; the clouds of doom almost enveloped Lavanda. We had failed. The seas began to roar and churn, the wind howling through the ears of men, women, and children alike. Upon returning to Lavanda, we were surprised to find a fleet of ships, both Lavandan and Bishkan, awaiting our arrival. If we were to go down, we were to go down fighting. The joint fleet of Lavanda and Bishk, such an alliance not seen in neigh a millennia, assembled north of the Lavandan capital. And there we stood. On the edge of sanity and light, me, Buck, Peregrine, Borris, and Belarin, standing shoulder to shoulder, weapons drawn, a sense of doom creeping up our spines and that strange exhilaration battle brings. There we stood; well knowing this could be the end of us all. We needed not any words, for we all knew what was at stake.

Then, the battle began. Demon after demon, ghoul after ghoul, body after body, we fought our way into the heart of the storm. Time seemed to stand still as we worked our way through wave after wave of monstrosity, friend and foe falling at all sides. There, in the eye of the storm, as our ships entwined in the midst of a great whirlpool, we confronted none other than Krogan himself. We started this war, and we were going to end it, no matter the cost. It was a bitter battle, and in the midst of the fighting, we all watched in horror as Krogan struck down Borris. His body fell limp, lifeless in front of me, and I got one last chance to see the life fading from his eyes as his body fell into the raging waters. We didn’t even get a chance to give our friend and ally a proper burial. Filled with renewed vigor and a reawakened strength, we took our revenge on Krogan. Belarin struck him through his black heart with the Soulstealer, and with one last vengeful wail, Krogan’s soul and essence returned to the blade, and the Soulstealer shattered in Belarin’s hand.

The fighting was over, Krogan was defeated, Ferramorrah was saved, but at what cost?

After the battle, everyone seemed so numbed and so shaken, that the group slowly began to drift apart. First to leave was Buck, who decided to remain in Lavanda and continue his fallen comrade Jackson’s memory. I’ve tried keeping in touch with Buck, but I fear he’s becoming more distant and more withdrawn. He’s been writing less and less, and I fear the man who I once counted as my closest friend is lost forever.

When we returned to Goothum, we found that Mersh had vanished without a trace, leaving a note making it clear that he did not want to be found. I know not what transpired while we were across the sea, but whatever happened, it was enough to drive Mersh away as well. I have searched across the land for my old friend, but to no avail. For the time being, Mersh wants to remain missing, and I have no choice but to abide by his wishes.

Next to leave was Belarin, whom without his sovereign, Buck, to whom he swore fealty, left the group shortly after returning to Ashan. I’ve kept tabs on Belarin, and it seems he’s made some success as a sword-for-hire in northern Ashan. He seems more confident since we parted ways, and I hope he hasn’t become too invested in his mercenary business to ignore my call.

Finally, Peregrine was the last to leave my company. We traveled together for a few weeks. We were both still recovering from the aftermath of the battle, and Peregrine was more solemn than I ever care to see him again. He eventually left when we encountered Bonnie near Nailo Harbour. We still keep in touch, and I go down to visit him at his cottage home in western Ashan. He tells me his new home reminds him of the Shire, and he plans on settling down there with Bonnie. Last I checked he had a son with Bonnie, Baldor, who I have yet to meet, and is making a living growing copious amounts of marijuana.

As for me, I’ve spent the last couple years wandering about Ashan, and I fear something evil is once again on the horizon. A shadow creeps across the southern borders, and I can’t help but ignore a feeling of dread creeping into the edge of my mind. I’ve heard tale of a malicious group, opposite to us in many ways, known as the Black Dragon Company.

Two months ago, I returned once more to the city of Goothum following up a lead given to me by my old ally Artemis. In fact, that was when I bought you Journal, but anyways, it was after some poking around I was able to eavesdrop over a meeting between the Black Dragon Company themselves with another by the name of “Vantas” I heard him called. I looked on the Black Dragon Company with my own eyes, and I finally got to see the infamous Wilward Jones. With him I saw his right-hand servant, Clare Trannyth and his other “teammate” Allister Taiven, along with a large minotaur by name of Osirus Solidor. Something here troubles me though. My research had led me to believe Nakisha’s sister Winfrey Airalin was amongst the group. If she is a member, then where was she? The Company appeared to have struck an accord with this Vantas, one I fear that will bring nothing but doom on this world.

It was not long before I was found out. Instantly upon my discovery a magic firefight initiated, and it took all of my wits and skill to get out of that cathedral in one piece. The Black Dragon Company pursued me through the streets and alleyways of Goothum that night, and I would not be here to write this journal entry if not for my newfound friend and ally Alexander Trondin. He saved my life that night, and ever since we’ve been working together to unravel the mystery of the Black Dragon Company, so far to no avail. It wasn’t long after that night in Goothum that Artemis contacted me once more. He told me of a pub in Ahrandi where Alexander and I could find sanctuary. He said in his letter that an old friend of mine was helping run the pub, and it turned out to be none other than Teresa.

It turns out Teresa is helping her new friend, Kiana Alan, run the pub after her father’s death at the hands of Alexis Machine. The moment I entered the pub, it all came back to me. Machine’s cruel sneer, his merciless eyes, and the lifeless body of her father bleeding out on the table… I can’t bring myself to tell her I know of her father’s death, not yet, not until Machine is dead and buried. Teresa and Kiana have sheltered Alexander and me for the past 6 weeks, and now I feel that I have no other alternative but to call my old friends and reunite The Tiki Company.

“And, as the phoenixes of lore,
Rising from the ashes anew,
Their friendship shall be rekindled,
The Staunch Dragonborn,
The Fierce Warrior,
The Resourceful Ranger,
The Beguiling Monk,
And the Wandering Wizard,
They will rise once more
To defend this world from the evil that plagues it”
-Kluya, Seer of All, “Chronicles of the Blue Leaf Clan”

If you're wondering why I've waited until now to start writing, it is because I can feel that my time is running out, and this may be my last chance to chronicle the adventures of what is left of The Tiki Company. I can only hope that my friends will hear my call and answer before it is too late…


So a Wizard, a Halfing, and a Belarin walk out of a bar…And into a Cave

Chapter 1

April 05, 2012 13:01

Dear Journal,

Finally, after months of hiding in this basement planning and waiting for my old friends to arrive, they at last have. I was standing at the large oaken table of what is now TTC HQ, going over a few things with Artemis, when I heard a bit of a commotion upstairs. Knowing Belarin and Peregrine, I asked Alex to quickly pop his head outside an see if our guests had arrived. He kindly obliged, but, knowing Alex, I sent Emrys up with him to make sure he didn't accidentally get himself, Peregrine, Belarin, Teresa, or Kiana killed, maimed, or a combination thereof.

Belarin, as paranoid as ever, did a full perimeter search of the premises and almost attacked Alex on-sight. Clearly these last couple years of being a mercenary have made him a little more trigger-happy than I remember. Peregrine soon arrived, and I knew at once they were all in the pub when that familiar headache Peregrine causes returned. I beckoned them to come to the basement (it seems Peregrine still has his effects on the ladies with Kiana - not entirely good), and we all reunited. It was good to see these two again, but where was Buck? Surely he received my letter by now and should be on his way? Buck is many things, but he is not the kind to abandon a friend in need.

Nonetheless, we could linger no longer. I received a letter a few days ago from "a friend" who promises to give me information regarding Alexis Machine and the Black Dragon Company if we agreed to meet him at some cave a little ways away from Ahrandi. So, with most of The Tiki Company reunited, we set out, myself, Peregrine, Belarin, and Alex.

When we finally did arrive at the cave, we were greeted in the entrance tunnel by a disgruntled minotaur wielding a giant axe. I tried reasoning with him, but he refused to listen and instead decided to attack. As I expected, the years of being a mercenary have only served to sharpen Belarin's skill with the blade, and it seems settling down with a family (growing copious amounts of marijuana) have done nothing to dull Peregrine's skill either. Alex also demonstrated remarkable skill going toe-to-toe with this beast, but sadly left the battle losing a few of his own toes (bah-dum-pisch). Our foe vanquished, we then looked for a way to continue deeper into the cave. The only clear path was blocked by a cave-in, so we needed to find a more indirect route. Peregrine was quick to solve our dilemma.

The river flowing through this cave does not only flow outside, but also deeper into the cave, and Peregrine found out where. A large hole descending deep into the belly of this cave was our only option. Peregrine, being the lightest and quietest of the four of us, descended down a series of ropes first, beckoning for the rest of us to come down in quick succession. Perhaps we were a little too quick, however (the old saying "look before you leap" comes to mind"), as we were greeted at the bottom by a host of hobgoblins on a series of platforms connected by wood and rope bridges.

I had almost forgotten how much fun adventuring was! Peregrine and Belarin immediately took to their ranged weapons and launched arrow after arrow, bolt after bolt at our enemies. The hobgoblins were quick to do the same, and for protection of us all I threw up a wind wall, preventing any arrows from hitting us. My plan was to draw them close so Belarin and Alex (both skilled in close-quarter fighting) could lay waste to them or push them off the bridges into the abyss. Alex and Peregrine seemed to catch on quickly and fought the hobgoblins (now joined by bug bears) with gusto. Belarin, however, seemed content with shooting at them from a distance. It didn't really matter in the end, as Alex and Peregrine were more then capable of dispatching our foes off of the bridges.

Now all that is left is to find this informant, and see what he has to offer. I've grown tired of hiding in the shadows from this Alexis Machine. It is time for me to confront him, and when I do, I swear I will take him with me into the depths of Hell.

"Once more reunited,
Many perils will they face,
To end the threat of the Machine
And the Black Dragon.

Victorious, they shall be
But not without a cost.
For victory to be obtained,
The heroes must face with great loss."
-Kluya, Seer of All, “Chronicles of the Blue Leaf Clan”


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