The Diary of Wilward Jones
November 15, 1249

Again, a day of monotone quiet. I haven’t dared venture back into her room. Strange how dull life becomes when you’re not fighting for it. Or perhaps my lack of enthusiasm is due to my lack of anything worth fighting for. My compositions are few and infrequent, and I whittle my days away with the same sad songs. Alistair and Clare seem content to reap the rewards of our various schemes without a care in the world. Life continues.

June 25, 1251

It seems excitement has found its way into my life again. And joy of joys, it comes to me in the form of yet another soul binding contract. This time, however, my captor is no petty, egotistical dark lord of evil. He is none other than my dear father Coheed. Clare and Alistair don’t seem to understand the gravity of our situation. My father is not a man of action, and seeing him stirred up to this magnitude puts fear into my heart. He has taken an alias upon himself: “The Illusive Man.” As always, he is secretive about his true intentions, but he has told me that we are hunting a group known as The Tiki Company. I’ve heard of them, though I fail to see their importance to my father. We shall find out in due time, I suppose. We have not yet been given our orders.

July 14, 1251

I met with him again today, dear Diary. It feels as though it has been years since I have allowed myself to feel that much rage. Finally mustering my courage, I asked my dear father about the rest of the family. He said he was considering dragging my younger brother into this mess, along with the group of adventurers that he had fallen in with, a course of action with which I was not the least bit pleased. He laughed in my face, and told me that if my love was too great for my brother to see him put in harm’s way, he would put my sister in his place. I blinked, unaware that I even had a sister. My surprise was heightened when he motioned for her entrance.
I turned to see a small, slight of build Tiefling with snow white skin and soulless, pale pink eyes. She spoke levelly, without a hint of emotion or anger, and I could sense none of our infernal heritage within her. On the contrary, she seemed to emanate an aura of cold in the dry heat of Coheed’s fortress. She was introduced to me as Kathleen Jones, and was promptly ordered to strip naked in front of me. When she turned around, the light dancing off her freakishly pale skin, my fears were confirmed. On the back of her left shoulder, clear as reason, was our family crest. Undeniably, I shared a blood bond with this creature. To add to this insult of heritage, Coheed seemed to harbor some unexplainable fondness for this abomination. In Bael Turath, the birth of such an impurity would be rectified with a sacrificial death.
And then, on the spot, my father issued her first order. She was to travel to the northern land of Lavanda, and capture or kill a Dragonborn soldier, a former member of this Tiki Company, by the name of Richard J. Buckles. Assassination was her business apparently. How charming.
When she had departed, as silently and coldly as she arrived, I took the opportunity to ask Coheed about my mother. It had always been a topic he was tight lipped about, but today things were different. This time, he gave me a name. My mother, a fair maiden named Ambellina, had left shortly after I had been born. As was the story with Cambria, Claudio’s mother. I pressed harder. I knew that I had an older brother, yet I knew not his name. Coheed had known a Tiefling woman named Erica Court, who ran away with their first born, never to be seen again. The only one left in question was my newly discovered sister. I asked about her mother, fully expecting a fiery rebuke, but all I got was a bemused smile. Coheed called her the fairest, most lavishly beautiful maiden in all the world. He told me that I would be meeting her very soon, if all went according to plan.
Cryptic as this was, I decided not to press my luck. I returned home, orderless again, left to return to my brooding. I spend more time now within Winfrey’s room than without. My father claims to have loved so many, yet I see nothing but hatred in his eyes. There was a time when I respected this, but it has long since passed. Dearly, I wish that fate had not conspired to take Winfrey away from me, but I cannot deny that it was a just punishment.
I’ve chosen my path, and I shall see it through to the end.

Aug. 22, 1251

My research has suggest that this “Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan” that my father is so obsessed with is in fact not some nobody from small beginnings. The Blue Leaf Clan is known for its startlingly accurate prophecies, and Tibles was destined to be its next seer, though he ran away at a young age, ditching responsibility for a life of adventure. In a way, this was a good decision; if the boy had stayed with his kin, he would have been wiped out of existence along with the rest of his clan when my father had his little outburst two weeks ago. Now I understand why my father is so obsessed; The Blue Leaf Clan foretold the end of his one-man dynasty, around the same time as Tibles was born. Curiously, they stated that Tibles was to be the one to bring about Coheed’s end. Interesting as this all is, I find that I care little. Winfrey is still occupying my mind. Perhaps if Coheed’s reign is brought to an end, I will die as a result, and be reunited with Winfrey.

Sept. 7, 1251

Abercrombie is dead, and Porigrine Toque has reared his ugly head. Perhaps the rest of The Tiki Company will be this difficult to deal with. Belarin’s pursuer failed, Kathleen is still on the trail of Buckles, and we have aided in the escape of the Prince Slayer, to employ him and send him after his own quarry. The Tiki Company has grown. There’s many more of them to deal with now, and I expect we shall be facing troublesome times. Clare is getting more uneasy, and she looks for something new to kill every day. Alistair’s bloodlust goes unsated as well. It has been a while since The Black Dragon Company has seen any action.

Sept. 14, 1251

Machine is dead, and my father is none too pleased about it. His displeasure even overshadows his happiness over the success of Kathleen Jones. The Tiki Company is on the move again, and we know not where they are going. Coheed is stalling for something, and he is being very secretive about it. If I cared enough, I would try to find out what he’s hiding. I do not fear him anymore. I do not fear death. When this Tiki Company rears up, I shall meet them with the Songblade of Madness drawn and thundering. Until then, my company waits in Artorshade.

Sept. 21, 1251 (Now)

Sick of waiting. Father be damned, I will find The Tiki Company and tear them apart myself. I am far more powerful than this blasted old fool realizes. No more debts. I am coming for you, Tibles.

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