The Black Dragon Concert

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This is a mix CD for the concert that The Black Dragon Company played at the end of the campaign.

Note: I renamed/retagged a lot of the songs to make them fit with the Black Dragon Company's story.
The original artists and song names are listed below, and in the 'comments' tag of the music files.

Arc I
1. House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
2. Indestructible by Disturbed
3. Document2.wav by Curlybrackets
4. Fistfull of Dollars by Ennio Morricone
5. Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer (From Inception OST)
6. Kiss me I'm Shitfaced by Dropkick Murphys
7. Sensou from the Bakemonogatari soundtrack
8. Haikyo from the Bakemonogatari soundtrack
9. Knife's Edge from Strife! (A Homestuck album)
10. Moral Gladiator (
11. It's hard work from the Spirited Away soundtrack

Arc II
12. The Wrong Company by Flogging Molly
13. Yubaba from the Spirited Away Soundtrack
14. Strange Days by The Doors
15. Ika, Kaisou from the Bakemonogatari soundtrack
16. Woo Boost by Rusko
17. Shin'iki from the Bakemonogatari soundtrack
18. My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire
19. Princes of the Universe by Queen
20. Pearl of the Stars by Coheed and Cambria
21. The Flame of Error by Coheed and Cambria
22. I shall not Yield by Wuthering Heights

23. The Black Rainbow by Coheed and Cambria
24. Alternia from Alterniabound (A Homestuck album)


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