Swamp Cave Loot

From the little niche-cave you found in the room with all the vine-monsters:

2,000 gold in a rotting wooden chest with moss and vines growing over it

Now, items (see the srd for details):
Belt of Teeth - transmogriphies and can hit a dude once per round that provokes an opportunity attack
Mnemonic Vestment - you're welcome Konrad
Snakeskin Tunic - sexy shirt that increases your armor and makes you so slick poisoning you is like not gonna happen
Mantle of Spores - a cloak that makes you one of those assholes that just makes everyone you sick in the elevator
Bracers of Falcon's Aim - screw "Eye of the Tiger," you got the eye of the falcon
Scabbard of Vigor - drawing your weapon never felt so good
Dust of Darkness - poof motherfucker
+1 Countering Morningstar - ninja some asshole who just missed you

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