Kaldoran's Mirror

Kaldoran's Mirror was a potent magical artifact that The Tiki Company found in the Tomb of Grigori Fawkes. It is said that it reveals to the user their final demise. Later, it was revealed that the prediction of the mirror could be changed, as destiny is something not set in stone. Each member of The Tiki Company took a look in the mirror. Here's what they saw:

You look in the mirror to see yourself asleep in the Caravan. The figure of Teresa approaches you silently, a long knife in her hand, but you don't notice until it is too late. She plunges the dagger into your heart, and covers your mouth to muffle the screams. You lay silent and immobilized on your bedroll in pure agony until you bleed to death.

You look to see a version of yourself trapped in a cellar, bound and gagged along with all your party members. A young, hooded man with bright blue eyes walks back and forth in front of you, and with a spastic and unwarranted motion, he plunges the dagger into your neck. A manic grin spreads across his face, and you can hear the helpless cries of woe from your party members for an instant before you black out and die. Marcellius isn't with you.

You see a much older version of yourself in the mirror, sneaking around a castle compound. Your companions are nowhere to be seen. You avoid the guards around the outer walls, and make your way to the front gate. With a large tool, you open the bar on the gate, and creak it open. Out of nowhere, an arrow flies into your back, and you turn just in time to see an archer knocking another arrow. You wave goodbye to him slyly as the doors open, and an army lead by Duran-Duran and Teresa storms the fortress.
Your last sight is Teresa kneeling over you and shouting for you to live. She doesn't seem to have gotten any older.

You see an older version of yourself during a siege on a large castle. You and Teresa (who doesn't appear to have aged) are leading an army, making your way to the king's chamber. Shouts of anger and panic can be heard all around you. Teresa looks demoralized, but continues to fight alongside you. Lightning suddenly splits the sky, and strikes the battlefield. You look to the east, and see a mighty Tiefling, eyes glowing, energy pulsing through his hands. He releases another bolt of energy directly at you. You are killed instantly, body torn in different directions.

You are the same age as you have been for the past century, charging into the cellar of the one who did this to you. Your face is tearstained from the fate of every one of your comrades. You charge into the room where you know the demon resides, blade drawn, lute strapped to your back. He looks coolly at you from an armchair across the room.
"Teresa? What brings you here, dearest?" he asks mockingly. You scream incoherently, feel another rush of tears to your eyes, and charge straight at him, ready to make a fatal swing. The tiefling bares an annoyed expression and says "You never knew just what was good for you." and raises a hand to stop you. You are too fast for him, and your first strike chops it clean off. The Tiefling looks at you with silent surprise before you swing around once more and make another chop to cleave his head off his shoulders. The plan worked. You cast the enchanted sword aside as you scream triumphantly over his corpse, before crumbling into dust.

You see yourself at a later age, a ripe old man sitting on the porch of a very nice country home. It's in the shires of your Halfling kin, and you sense that this is your true home. Over time, you see yourself slowly, but happily wasting away to be claimed by a death of old age. You have all you wanted in retirement, a beautiful wife, beautiful grandchildren, and a beautiful place to life. You die with a smile on your face, fully satisfied with your life.

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