The Vladislaus Family
"A coiling symbol of heavy-handed progress"

As the current ruling family of Ontas, House Vladislaus has seen its fair share of riches over the ages. They were early settlers from Aetheria, drawn to the land of Ashan by the gold rush. They desired power, and they took it. Recognizing Ontas as the most lucrative and resource-rich part of the land, they traveled there, and brought order to the primitive and inefficient mining camps. As immigration increased, they began to invest in machinery, giving money to inventors to come up with new and ingenious ways to mine the materials.

Hundreds of years have passed, and the Vladislaus family set up a Dynasty of sorts. It has been ingrained in tradition; having a Vladislaus to lead Ontas. Despite the impossibly lucrative yields of the mines of Ontas, its resources still have not been depleted. New and ingenious ways are being devised to tunnel deeper and deeper into the crust of Feramorrah, and new mineral deposits are always being discovered. Because of this, the family has always managed to stay regally wealthy.

Belarin Vladislaus has been the Despot since his father died. He wed a young elven woman by the name of Elizabeth Roon, who had come to Ontas as a travelling merchant. Their love grew fast, and he soon found himself the proud father of a promising and healthy son and daughter.

His serenity did not last. The family didn't keep friendly political ties with most other establishments in Ashan. When a member of the royal family of Westvale was denied exit from the city of progress, they retaliated by sending an assassin to kill Belarin. The orders went awry, and Elizabeth was killed in his place.

When word got out that the assassin had done the deed and got out, it was as though a spell was broken. Belarin's enemies took the opportunity, and, to make a long story short, made short work of the Vladislaus family's position of power.

Belarin, Inphyy, and Thoros all had their memories erased, and were deported to different corners of the continent. Belarin himself joined The Tiki Company, after Duran Duran found him and provided him with discipline and mentorship. After the Lavanda-Bishk war, Belarin found a way to regain his memories. He marched back to Ontas and, with sword in hand, regained his position of power. Nobody questioned him as he climbed to the top of the citadel and cleaved the head off the man who had usurped his throne and taken his children away.

Now, with nothing left to fight fore, he rules coldly, with the same iron fist that his father wielded before him, and his father's father.

Known Members

Belarin Vladislaus
The Despot of Ontas
Inphyy Ylliana
The Ruthless Mercenary
Thoros "Thich" Darkbane
The Flame of Ontas
Elizabeth Vladislaus
The Elf of Tin Street
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