The Jones Family
"Their crest has become a symbol of ill-omen" —Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan

Headed by Coheed Jones, an immensely powerful and nigh immortal Tiefling, the Jones Family is a vast bloodline with members, known and unknown, spread far and wide. Coheed himself was quite a womanizer, spreading his seed far and wide over his immense lifespan. Coheed himself does not even know the identities of all his children, though through some sort of spell, all of his children are born with a birthmark on their left shoulder; the Jones family crest.

Two of Coheed's children were raised by the man himself; Wilward Jones and Claudio Jones. The rest were born elsewhere, or stolen away by increasingly worried mothers, hopeful that they could give their child a better life.

Some of Coheed's mistresses are known. Though he was married to Teresa Keynes, he was quite unfaithful to her. He knew many women; Erica Entwistle (Mother of Artemis Entwistle), Cambria Allbright (Mother of Claudio Jones), to name a couple. There are also wild rumors that an aspiring angel, one Ambellina Theon, was seduced by Coheed, and convinced to burn her wings and join the mortal realm in order to be with him. She bore a child of his before leaving him for good. Her wherabouts are unknown.

Coheed himself, along with his son Wilward, were slain by The Tiki Company.

Known members of the Jones Family
Artemis Entwistle
The Esteemed Journalist
Barnabus Jones
Seeker of Justice
Claudio Jones
The Pickpocket Warlock
Coheed Jones
The Enigmatic Tiefling
Kathleen Jones
The Lone Assassin
Wilward Jones
The Infamous Bard
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