The Airalin Family
"I serve the royal family because I believe in 'em. If anyone can keep peace up in the north, it's the sisters of the throne." —Richard J Buckles

The Airalin family has ruled over Lavanda as long as anyone can remember. They are recorded in history as Lavanda's noble protectors, and hold up Lavanda's reputation as a free and liberal kingdom. Some even speculate that Lavanda was founded by members of the Airalin family.

Currently, the kingdom is ruled by Liesel Airalin, who recently inherited the throne after the deaths of her mother and father. She is the oldest of the six sisters that now make up the Lavanda Royal family.

The second oldest member of the family is Kataline, who took to the arcane arts at a young age. She is currently working as the court wizard in the palace.

The third oldest is Coraline, who was always fascinated with the art of close combat. After a striking epiphany at a jousting tournament, she decided that she would join the army. From there, she climbed the ranks and became a general.

Nakisha isn't technically a part of the Lavanda Royal Family, she was found abandoned on the royal hunting grounds. The emperor decided to take her in as one of their own. She had some rough dealings with her other sisters, and eventually decided to leave. She felt like too much of an outsider.

Winfrey is the second youngest. She also left the royal family, though for much different reasons than Nakisha. The youngest sister, Jennifer, was going to marry the man that Winfrey loved, and she couldn't handle the grief. She murdered Jennifer, and then the man she loved, and fled to Ashan to forget everything. There, she joined the Black Dragon Company.

Lavanda has recently been at war with the empire of Bishk. The empress has been under tremendous pressure, and with most of her sisters gone, she doesn't have anyone she can trust in the palace. She has taken to employing freelance adventurers and assassins to hasten the end of the war.

Update: End of Crazy's Campaign

With the War over, and Captain Krogan sealed away for good, Lavanda has returned to a peaceful state.


Coraline Airalin
The Mettle of Lavanda
Jennifer Airalin
The Unwary Bride
Kataline Airalin
The Court Wizard
Liesel Airalin
The Esteemed Empress
Nakisha Airalin
The Master Markswoman
Winfrey Airalin
The Naive Rogue
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