Children Of Katin
"He is our mind and our spirit. We are the balance of life and death. We are the dark and we are truth."

Created by Katin, a deamon who's figure, reputation and origin is uknown, The Children of Katin is a large cult and organization that is spread far and wide. Not known very well by the underground and even high societies. The organization plans out destruction, plagues, and even mass murders, all done to achive a certain goal. Katin himself controls most of his followers, who are known as his children, they work for him and they serve the master well.

Katin's first child member was; Asath Rigar. The rest were recruted many years ago and Katin is still on the look out for the best minds and talents out their in the world of Feramorrah.

One of Katin's former children, who abondent the organization and the cult for his own desires was Coheed Jones.

Domains, interests, and even goals of the organization are unknown.

Unknown members of Katin:
Child of Restoration
Child of Avarice
Child of Fraud
Child of Violence
Child of Greed
Child of Darkness
Child of Silence

Known Children of Katin

Asath Rigar
The Child of Wrath
Maximus Finch
The Child of Alteration
The Child of Desire
The Child of Illusion
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