The Brookwind Clan
"Our songs shall echo throughout time"

The Brookwinds are a semi-nomadic clan of elves living in the southeast of Ashan. They rarely interact with other species, though many tales of enchanting music wafting from the forest depths may be traced back to this reclusive band of elves.

The Brookwind creed is one of stewardship. They care for their forests and worship the sanctity of nature in song. As such, the clan values the Bardic tradition among all others, though from time to time they may have a Ranger or Druid in their midst. The clan is heavily structured on tradition and a hierarchical class system. Elves earn their place of respect by demonstrating musical and lexical prowess, and by their fierce devotion to protecting the natural order. Sorcery and witchcraft are abhorred as unnatural and evil, and the Brookwinds are quick to excise any who they feel impair the purity of their band.

These elves can be fey and fierce in turn, but are unparallelled allies in a time of crisis. They have never failed to aid with song and sword when they have been called upon for help.

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