A Beached Ship

I stayed on the ship for about an hour, before I heard my uncle's voice. We turned our attention to the shore, and with Alex's spyglass, I spotted my uncle and Eli, shouting for us, running from a large tribe of ogres. They were carrying a wizard, who was putting up quite a fight.

I urged the dragon turtle to aid them, and he kindly abided, sending the band of brutes fleeing the other direction. We hauled Eli and Iroh on deck, and met their captive, a necromancer named Xerxes, who had been responsible for several ritual killings in the nearby area. He bore the mark of the chaos cult, as Weston had. An interrogation was held, and we learned that he had made himself the shaman king of this ogre tribe, and was sacrificing passers by to a sea god, worshiped by the ogres, but not believed in by him. What's more, we learned that it was the Jester who had put him up to this.

We had ultimately decided to kill him when he revealed that his presence here did have purpose; he was, in a way, guarding the key to Nirvana. I hardly believed it, but it was a lead far too good to pass up. We decided to perform the ritual to liberate him from the Jester's control.

As we were conducting the ritual, Kasm returned with Lynn (Lady Ephrin) on his back. She informed us that the head of the divination school would grant us an audience tomorrow morning, and prospects looked good for her giving us support.

The dragon turtle brought our ship to shore, and we camped for the night. On the morrow, we would need to steel ourselves for an encounter with Sibyl, the divination saint.

—Matau Ing'um

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