Spiders, Loot, and Rogues, oh my!

We introduced Edward to Buck, and after Buck shouted a few commands to his pirate compadres, we decided to find the rest of our missing party, namely Jackson, Nakisha, and Bonnie. We all knew how invincible Belarin is, so we decided to leave him to his devices, and was probably plundering underneath the prison having the time of his life, no chance at all he was stuck on a staircase and drowning, right? We swam through the flooded trap room, picking up what could be salvaged, and we came into a non-flooded tunnel, and while Peregrine explored a tunnel only he could fit through, Buck, Borris, and I searched through a storage room while Edward tried to remember which way to go from here. Not only did we recover all of our stolen equipment, but I found that the containers also contained greater goods than we already possessed. For me, a Serpentine Staff, Crystalline Orb, Belt of Fortitude, and Ornament of Perception. For Buck, a cloak that allowed him to teleport and belt. For Peregrine, a magic cloak and amulet. We also found some loot for Belarin and would hold on to it for him. Borris also found a belt too, but that’s not important.

Peregrine exited the small tunnel carrying with him for weed than he had already possessed, and seemed higher than usual. Edward remembered the way and led us up a ladder into a very dusty room with footprints leading out into the hall. Edward and I followed the footprints into a large room with a pool table and the footprints continuing down to a blocked door. Buck took the initiative here and set some explosives and lit the fuse, and after the ka-boom, we saw a creepy looking old guy with spider tattoos on the other side. He spoke something insane to Peregrine, and both he and Edward drew their bows, and the rest of us prepared for battle as well. Borris decided to run back to the ship, but it mattered not, for it was 4 vs. 1, or at least it was, until the old guy batted aside the arrows launched and from him arm spawned 3 spiders that blocked the way to him. The spiders were easy enough to dispose of, or at least they were until the old guy spawned another one, this one the size of me, and very angry.

When things were looking up for us, the insane guy simply laughed, retreated further into the chamber, and pushed over a pillar, blocking the way to him. We slaughtered the spider, and when Buck, Peregrine, and I returned to the main chamber saw an elvish woman standing by the pool table. We stood agasp, and when we asked her how she got here, she said she swam, training for a marathon. She introduced herself in elvish, leaving Buck and Peregrine confused, and she simplified her name to Rhia for Buck and Peregrine, and we introduced ourselves. She was shocked to say the least when Edward walked into the room with his scythe covered in spider gore, and Buck gave her a torch and told her to make herself useful. There was yet another door that Edward took care of this time, and it conveniently led to the same room the crazy old guy was in.

He had fled the room however, and while Rhia, Edward and I investigated the far right side of the room, Buck and Peregrine examined a couple of rooms in the back. At the far right side of the room, Rhia and I found a spiral staircase heading downwards with water at the bottom, but before we could investigate further we heard maniacal laughter coming from a pit at the left side of the room. The pit was littered with dry spider webs and seemed to go down for eternity and it wasn’t until Buck pried himself away that I came. He broke down the door to one of the two rooms in the back and found it littered with bodies, each wearing the same uniform, and each from the Lavandran Imperial Army.

Buck let loose a cry, and when I came I found him standing over the body of his fallen friend, Jackson. We saw that the soldiers died in battle, and Jackson with them, and that one of the soldiers was wearing a strange amulet. Buck in dismay, I promised him we would find who did this, and we would exact vengeance for Jackson’s death.


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