Oh, There He is...

We continued delving into the depths of this prison in the middle of the ocean, and we found that there was indeed a port, but the entrance to it was blocked by some surviving dragonborn guards who refused to allow us access. We soon found a single hallway leading towards the back of the prison, so Borris and I decided to investigate while Belarin and Peregrine were off exploring. It didn’t take long to notice that the hallway was littered with trap wires, each releasing separate and more dangerous traps as you progressed. I went in first, and despite my best efforts, was hit with a few traps, but eventually made my way through to the other side soon followed by Peregrine and Belarin who triggered their fair share of traps. Borris, being the ass he is, waited for all of us to progress through until he made his way through, so very confident we had triggered all but one or two of the traps, and it brought a smile to my face when he found that no, there were still a fair number left. Whoever did this was clever and had a lot of material to work with, alchemic and otherwise.

After everyone had made their way through, we entered into a large room supported by several pillars, and on the balcony at the back of the room stood an elf wielding a giant scythe, and instead of launching his assault, he asked us whether we were friendlies. We answered yes, and he made his way down to us, Peregrine still not trusting of him (probably because of the traps) and he introduced himself as Content Not Found: edward-v-tribal, an artificer who had been locked up in this prison for misleading a known mob-boss from Bishk in search of his wares. He explained to us why he had set up the traps (because of the various insane and dangerous prisoners kept here) and lent us his assistance. He provided Belarin with new armor and gave us a place to sleep for the night, away from the jail cells and insane cannibals.

In the middle of the night, however, something stirred us from our sleep, and as Edward approached the far wall of the cavern, he told us all to back away to the other end of the chamber. Before any of us could ask why a GIANT PIRATE SHIP CRASHED IN THROUGH THE WALL FLOODING THE CHAMBER ALMOST KILLING US, APPARENTLY PIRATES ARE NOTORIOUSLY BAD SHIP DRIVERS, OR AT LEAST THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP WAS!!! Belarin swam away down the stairs as the chamber flooded, probably in an attempt to save all of our lives, and Edward’s familiar Edgar didn’t return after being sent to the ship, so I sent Emrys ahead. Whilst we swam towards the ship, we saw Buck, wearing a rather large pirate hat, stand at the front of the ship and called our names into the flooded chamber. We answered, and he threw his trusty chain into the chamber so we could climb up. Wet as dogs, we each greeted our lost friend and my question was answered. Buck’s on a pirate ship, and he almost killed us, great.

Well, what are friends for, right?


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