Where's Buck?

I awoke on a haystack in a dimly lit jail cell. My head throbbing, I tried to get my bearings and saw Peregrine smoking a hidden joint in the cell across from mine and saw what appeared to be three dragonborn guards soaked in blood, dead on the floor. After exchanging a few words with Peregrine, I summoned up a makeshift key and was able to pick the lock to my cell, and as I did so a skinny old man approached on all fours like some kind of animal. He didn’t see me, but commented on how “delicious” Peregrine looked, and that he would come back for him later, it was then he began dragging one of the dead guards around the corner and we heard the sickening noises of him feasting on flesh.

A window of opportunity came before us, and we took it. I opened my cell and handed Peregrine my makeshift key and he skillfully opened the door of his cell. With no weapons, Peregrine made due with his fists whilst I used some magic to quickly dispose of the cannibal, and while we could not give these guards a burial, we stopped their bodies from being desecrated any further. We found a couple tools for Peregrine to use, a small key, and a note mentioning a prison riot. We began to roam the prison, and found a couple barrels filled with weapons so Peregrine and I armed ourselves and took a couple extra swords for the others for when we would find them. We also found what looked like an office, and in it, we found another dead dragonborn who appeared to be a prison warden as he carried a key ring which we liberated him of. In the office was another jail cell, and in it was an old man strapped onto some kind of torture device. We liberated him and healed him as best we could, the man, named Rufus, was to weak to go on, so we let him lie down and rest his weary soul.

Leaving Rufus behind, Peregrine and I continued onwards and were soon forced to split up, Peregrine heading up a large spiral staircase whilst I journeyed up a large staircase blocked by a cage wall, which I was able to open thanks to the key ring. At the top of the stairs, I found a makeshift barrier manned by three dragonborn guards who were not pleased to see me. After negotiating with them and dropping my weapons, they allowed me to approach and enter their infirmary and I was sent to work before I could ask any questions making potions for their doctor. When I finished, I found the head guard, a tall, stubborn, and rather unpleasant dragonborn who refused to let me leave to find Peregrine and the others. I convinced him to let me go, but I could not return, but it bothered me not as I did not want to return to a place such as that. I ventured up the spiral staircase and at the top found a nearly dead knoll, Peregrine’s handiwork for sure, and I later found him at odds with Belarin, dangling in a cage several feet off the ground.

Belarin, stubborn as he is, insisted on somehow bending the bars of his cage on his own, and we noticed a sort of pulley system that passed through the wall behind Belarin into another room. We exited the courtyard and in an adjacent room, we found Borris in a cell, looking as if he had enjoyed his stay more than we had, and once we freed him and supplied him with proper weapons, we found the control room of the pulley system and released Belarin’s cage. Once we freed him from the crater his cage created, we saw he was ill equipped and not in pique conditions. Nonetheless, he took charge and ventured forth into the prison. Now with Belarin and Borris freed, this left one important question.

Where’s Buck?


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