The Monsoon

With Krogan seemingly vanquished, we began drawing up plans of escape, and our choices were narrowed down to the hole in the 90 foot tall roof in Krogan’s room, seeing as the way behind was blocked by cave-ins and giant spiders. At long last, we finally tied together enough rope and chain to a grappling hook and tossed it and got it latched onto the ground outside. Peregrine, being the lightest of us, climbed up first and upon reaching the top, found that a monsoon had formed outside during our spelunking in the pirate cave on Dweller’s Isle. He found a palm tree nearby to tie the grappling hook to for further support, and one by one, we began to climb the rope. First Bonnie, then Nakisha, the other woman, myself, Jackson, Belarin, Borris, and finally Buck.

Once we had all reached the fresh air of the outside world we looked around and found ourselves on the top of a mountain in the middle of the island. The gale force winds and relentless downpour of rain forced us to improvise ways of getting down the slippery, muddy mountain. Buck, Bonnie, and Peregrine all shared Buck’s heavy shield and tobogganed down the mountain side, soon followed by Borris on his axe, and Jackson, Nakisha, and the other woman on Jackson’s giant shield. Belarin and I were forced to use our cloaks as makeshift sails and glided down the mountainside, landing far away from the others in the middle of a forest. Belarin and I made our way to the shoreline from where we saw the docks and walked along the coastline until we met up with Buck and the others.

With the monsoon still in great strength, we were forced to make camp on the beach using whatever we could find as shelter and Buck pitching a tent. I awoke early the next morning and found the captain of the airship wandering around the island looking for us and I also saw that our ship had been taken away by the monsoon. The captain explained to me that by taking the crystal sword, we unleashed a curse that threatened to destroy the entire world unless we find and kill 5 of the spirits that escaped when we took the sword. After telling my friends this at breakfast, not only had we found that the mysterious woman had disappeared, but also decided to travel to Vender’s Islands where there was a crystal that would free Buck’s hand. The 5 spirits we needed to kill would find us, and if we cured Buck, Belarin, a master of the sword, would take the sword and would deal the final blow to each of the 5 spirits we needed to kill.

We packed up camp and with Nakisha and Bonnie, jumped aboard the captain’s airship, and began the quest we had unknowingly set ourselves…


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