Then there were Three

We began questioning the pirate, James, and tired and beaten as he was, he was is in no position to protest and he told us the tale of Commodore Krogan and how because of the sword he wields, has been living as the undead for 30 long years. He also told us of Captain Valthorn whom, under Krogan's orders, was attempting to open a mystical gate in the back of the cave. Throughout all of this, Peregrine heard the distant voice of Buck through a small crack in the cave wall that only he could fit through. We bade our miniature friend farewell as he squirmed through the small tunnel to help Buck and the girl we saved from the collapsing cave, Emma, told us that she was the daughter of Valthorn and that she hated her father.
She insisted on coming with us, and after leaving James, now safe from the monstrous spider, opened the stone door leading down a dark tunnel where we could hear the laughter and voices of many pirates enjoying a feast by the gate. Emma ran on ahead and I followed, invisible, to scout out the room ahead. Emma entered the grand room, and addressed her father, Captain Valthron, and after telling him how a group of adventurers saved her from dangers in the cave, said to his daughter “Well, I never really wanted a daughter anyways” and shot her in cold blood. I knew I had to remain hidden and not do anything rash until Belarin and Borris could cause some sort of distraction.

Right on cue, Belarin quickly worked out a plan and rolled a barrel filled with hard alcohol into the room, stopped by a pirate and while he was gloating that they now had something to drink, I caught on to Belarin’s plan and ignited the barrel with my magic. The explosion of the barrel caused the perfect diversion for Belarin and Borris to charge into the room and strike two of the guards. Upon Belarin’s entry, Valthorn asked him his name, and as Belarin replied "I am Belarin Uthador of the Ontas Family, a strange green hue came into his bleak gray eyes, but only for a moment. Valthorn seemed unsurprised by the presence of Belarin and Borris in his cave, so I decided to make my presence known and thought to introduced myself to Valthorn with a fireball to the face. However, I was able to get my emotions under control and figured out a much better plan to utilize my Fireball by not hitting Valthorn, but instead aiming ever so slightly to the right to not only decimate him, but a good number of his pirate crew.

As my fireball landed I heard an explosion from down below and smiled with relief as it seemed that Buck and Peregrine were causing some trouble of their own. 11 pirates were blown back by my assault, but despite this, Valthorn stood up and calmly brushed the ashes off his clothes and smiled at me and said “Well, perhaps this will provide a challenging test for you adventurers” and two of his pirates opened cages and 2 knolls, blood dripping from their maws, were ordered to attack us. Belarin and Borris had their weapons drawn and as we looked at the mass of enemies before us, we all knew, the battle had begun…


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