Treasure and Traps

After a traumatic experience with many a pitfall, we took a moment to catch our breath only to hear a monster of great size climbing up the newly formed pit made by Belarin and I. Fearing the worst, Buck, Boris, and Belarin combined their strength to open the great door ahead of us to no avail. Buck drew Polaris, and broke a small hole in the door and found wooden supports preventing our progression, so I used my magic to burn the supports and, now weakened, allowed the others to break the door down amongst flame and spider.
Safe on the other side, I turned to see 12 horrific black eyes staring through the doorway at each and every one of us, and unable to pursue us, its prey, returned to the depths of the cave for now… Now safe, the others took a moment of pause whilst I looked into the new hallway we had entered. The others tried to talk to the woman we had saved, but hysteric and frightened, she had nothing to say and ended up crying in Peregrine’s arms while we took the opportunity to search the room and the four doors it held. I proceeded forwards onto a sandy floor and found strong wooden boards going halfway in, which was then proven for sure as Belarin broke through the wood, revealing this cave is sitting on a lava pool.

The first door on the left led to a weapon armory, where Belarin was able to resupply himself after losing a saber after falling into the pit. The second room on the right was blocked off by a wall of wires, and, in my enthusiasm, cut one which led to a chain reaction of a cave in, leaving only a small platform in the center of the room holding a treasure chest and gold, and the total cave in of the weapon room. I jumped onto the platform and took as much gold as could fit into one of Buck’s burlap sacks, disturbing the careful balance of the platform sending me falling almost to my death. I was able to open the chest and found a ruby-embedded golden crown and Fey Step away before the trap was able to activate. Meanwhile, Buck, trying to help, set off yet another trap leading to some of the floor changing to a set of ruins which when read, meant death would come to the reader, which was Buck.

While all of this was going on, Boris did nothing of value and stood in the corner while Belarin continued forward into the hall and Peregrine continued to comfort the sobbing woman. Fearful of setting off more traps, Buck rushed forwards, thinking all was well, and gestured us to come forwards only to disappear into the sand, quick as lightning. I fear for his safety, as well as the rest of ours as we continue the hunt for Captain Krogan.


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