The Pitfalls of Dweller's Isle

As we continued into the cave, it became apparent that the flooring of the cave became increasingly unstable and dangerous rapidly. We soon found ourselves in a dark hallway where a good portion of the floor had caved in and what remained looked to be weak and not able to support much weight. Peregrine and I, light on our feet, were able to c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y walk and Fey Step our way to the other side where I tied a chain to a pole for the others to come across. Belarin Urthador took the chain in his hands and began to walk across to us, but, the cavern floor being unable to support any more, began to collapse. Luckily he held fast to the chain and was able to scurry up to me and Peregrine. After Belarin came, Boris made his way and finally Buck, being the heaviest of us all, used the chain and both clambered up the cliff face to join us.
Across the chasm, we found two rooms, the first containing golden spiders which Belarin soon began to remove and a whirlpool of water spiraling down into darkness. In the second room, Buck and I found a chest in the middle of a foggy atmosphere and much to our surprise hid another pit (spikes and impaled bodies at the bottom) surrounding the gold and chest. Buck and I inched our way over to the chest to find it and the gold to be false, a trap for hapless spelunkers such as ourselves. Belarin then managed to stir up a nest of spiders which flowed out of the room into the main hallway like a black flood. I was able to use my torch and some magic to burn all of the spiders until none remained, and as the fire extinguished, we all heard a blood-curdling scream of anger and hatred which drove us to flee the area and continue on into the cave.

In the next room we found a group of pirates, deep in discussion, and didn’t notice our entrance giving us the element of surprise. We fell upon the clueless group of pirates, Belarin and I on a catwalk and the others below until only one young female pirate was left sobbing in the corner. As the last pirate fell, the catwalk supporting Belarin and I collapsed revealing yet another bottomless pit. I was able to jump off the collapsing structure just in the nick of time, but Belarin was not so fortunate as he plummeted into the inky blackness as he heard an eerily familiar scream. I threw my grappling hook down after my plummeting friend, but he missed the hook and brave little Peregrine jumped down after him with a grappling hook of his own and, grabbing onto the first, caught Belarin and with great endurance, held steady as Buck reeled the two in.


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