Entering Dweller's Isle

After the empress finished givin' us free stuff, we were crammed onto a little sailboat and sent off to a place called Dweller's Isle. I think we're off to kill some pirate captain or some such, but Tibles started to ignore me halfway through the trip, so I ain't really sure why we're here. Either way, we got off the ship n' started asking around for a man named Captain Krogan. Our search led us to the nearest bartender, who talked about secret codes or some nonsense, and then he pointed at a cave.
We made our way over to the cave, and went on inside. It opened onto a big room filled with water, and a little path leading deeper inside. There were a couple pirates inside, and before they noticed us, Tibles decided to try sneaking up on them, but his clothes started to melt when he jumped in the water.
He shouted 'fey step' in a really loud voice, and suddenly he was standing beside me again, smellin' like burned leather. The pirates saw us, an' we were forced to kill em. Somethin' wasn't right, though. We found newly opened arrow wounds on some of the guards, and the arrows had Lavanda military emblems on them.
As we continued down the hall, we met somethin' worse than pirates. A group of Gnolls blocked our paths. Belarin n' I put the smack-down on 'em while Tibles n' Peregrine shot from behind. Boris threw some pretty heavy swings, but he didn't have the rhythm to hit anyone with that axe.
Was a tough battle, but we made it. We're gonna rest a bit before movin' on.

—Richard J. Buckles

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