The Empress of Lavanda

It was not a restful night that the Tiki Company had hoped to spend in the inn at Port 34. Dreams of murder, mayhem, and death awaited each member of the Company as they began to drift off. However, one by one the Company awoke from their frightful evening spent at the port and began their search for some transport to Lavanda. Their first search led them to the port where the dragonborn shipping airship had disappeared and another stood in its place. The captain of this ship readily agreed to allow Buck, Belarin, and Boris passage, but because of his need to keep his reputation, especially among his crew members, was resistant to allow Tibles or Peregrine onto his vessel. After some negotiation, Tibles and Peregrine agreed to come onto the ship as "prisoners" along with two others seeking transport to Lavanda.

In the brig of the airship, the captain apologized for his actions and bed the Company a relaxing trip, and introductions were made between the Tiki Company and two others traveling to Lavanda from Goothum. The first was a rather mysterious girl, who warily told them she was a member of the Lavandran royal family and was traveling with her friend Bonnie, a halfling. Peregrine quickly took to Bonnie and vice versa, and were sad to part ways upon reaching Lavanda as a carriage awaited the Tiki Company upon arrival and escorted them to the royal palace.

At the royal palace, the Company were given the pleasure of meeting her royal highness the Empress of Lavanda whom had only recently taken the throne after her mother's death. She bade them find and dispose of the pirate lord Commodore Krogan whom had been attacking Lavandran courier ships and while platoon after platoon of soldiers journeyed out to stop them, none had returned alive. The Company agreed to aid the Empress in her hour of need and in return, she supplied them with whatever equipment they needed including oil flasks, rope, flasks, and alchemic formulas and materials.

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