The Call to Duty

Refreshed and renewed, the newly formed Tiki Company awoke to the knocking of Goothonium soldiers at the door, who brought tidings of soldiers from a foreign land in search of them and awaiting them at the town hall. Once dressed and fed, the Tiki Company made way for town hall to find the people their bustling about in an unusual fashion, muttering and whispering as the group of adventurers entered their hall. Concerned about who these mysterious soldiers may be, Peregrine and Tibles stealthily made their way to where they awaited the Tiki Company's arrival, and learned that these soldiers came from the royal army of Lavanda.

After informing the others of whom the soldiers were, the Company greeted the soldiers and their Captain, and after trading introductions, the Captain gave the Company a message from H.R.H. Empress of Lavanda requesting their aid. The Company knew that a message of aid from the Empress of Lavanda was nothing to turn down, so they agreed to help, and after gathering their things at Buck's smithy, they said farewell to Mersh, as he wished to stay behind and make amends in Goothum. The Company then made way for the city gates and in the company of the soldiers, made way for Nailo Harbor, a port town east of Goothum.

The Company in company of the Lavandran soldier quickly set sail for Port 34 upon reaching Nailo Harbor, and after reaching port, separated ways after giving the Company the password to reach Lavanda safely. After wandering around town, the Tiki Company found themselves at the Black Travern, where they inquired about where to find a good captain to pilot a ship to Lavanda and also learned about a group in town illegally shipping captured dragons to Bishk. After some discussion, Buck left the Black Travern and headed towards port with Peregrine at his heels, and found an enormous airship where a group of elves were placing their cargo of dragons on the ship.

Tibles joined the duo, and with a little help from his magic and Buck's bluffing skills, the trio was able to impersonate some of the crew, and were successfully able to get on board of the ship where the crew got Buck mistaken with their captain, who was also a dragonborn. After a little bit of sly talk, Buck was able to speak with one of the dragons that was captured by the elven thugs. Buck vowed to the dragon, named Kasene, that he would free him and his brethren, but was then stopped in his heroic actions by the real captain, who advised Buck against any rash actions. Buck, Peregrine, and Tibles were set free from airship unscathed, but despite their efforts, the dragons on board that ship remained captured, and the Company was forced to abandon their hopes for now, and focus on the task that was once again set before them.

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