The Third Arc

1. Boris Hans Gruber
Current Party:
Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan, Mersh, Peregrine Toque, Richard J Buckles, Belarin Urthador

As the Tiki Company finally sets out from the now destroyed village of Winterhaven, they approach the area on the road they were previously ambushed. As they continued on the road, the Company soon heard the galloping of hooves behind them and turned to see a tall, young goliath riding on horseback with great speed towards them, shouting for them to halt. As the Company halts, the stranger dismounts from his steed and introduces himself as Boris Hans Gruber, and claimed to have had a vision leading him to Marcellius who then pointed him in the direction of the Tiki Company.

After some questioning about Boris' past and motives, the Company agrees to take the young goliath into their group and continues on their path to Goothum. Upon entering Goothum, the Company heads to the Arcane Tower and City Hall to report the completion of their quest, and after doing so, make a quick detour to the Chapel of Bahamut, and after some negotiating with the high priest, sell Bahamut's Divine Greatsword back to the church for a moderate price of 10,000gp.

After finishing their errands around town, the Tiki Company returns to Buck's smithy where Tibles uses the money earned from selling the Claymore to further supply the Company with new weapons and Bags of Holding for the entire of the Company. Now in the safety of Buck's smithy in Goothum, the Tiki Company finally takes a long deserved rest.

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