Wandering out of Winterhaven

As the Company descended from the dizzying heights of the Astral Sea, they came upon the survivors of Winterhaven beginning the long, laborious process of burying the dead and rebuilding their quaint little village. The Company landed and parted way yet again with Duran-Duran and left to do their part in putting the dead to rest, burying those changed into the undead legions in the keep and Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan telling Artemis Entwistle of the events that transpired in the town of Winterhaven. After a long day's work, the Tiki Company attended a ceremony to honor the dead and put them to rest.

While Marcellius attempted to make a speech of his own, the priest hosting the ceremony denied him the right, stating he was a poor cleric and holy man and had no right to speak at this evening's ceremony. Shocked, Marcellius sat down among his companions only to attempt to make a speech regardless of the priest's wishes only to be knocked unconscious by Tibles and looted by Mersh. Their respects paid, the Company then set off to make camp for the night and rest for what was to come.

The next morning, Tibles awoke from his trance in a cold sweat, having yet another vision of the assassin he knew as [[| Alexis Machine] whom he saw accepting a new target from the Church, Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan. Greatly disturbed by what he saw, Tibles attempted to calm his mind by walking throughout town, in hopes of finding Artemis only to come to the late tower of Valthrun, where Tibles payed his final respects to the fallen wizard by sealing his tower from those that would defile it. After returning to the camp, Tibles found the others awake and ready to make preparations to leave only to be told from the villagers to take what they found fair pay for their labors. Buck, Marcellius, Peregrine, and Mersh departed to take enough gold to acquire some new riding horses after the death of their own at the hand of Kalarlel while Tibles went to ask Artemis to find out as much as he could about Alexis Machine.

At a nearby farm, each member of the Tiki Company found and acquired a new horse and each a new friend that would last with them for a long time in their lives. Belarin who arrived ahead of time had already acquired a new warhorse he named Ricoran, while Buck took for himself a large and almost red colored horse he named Walter. Mersh took a white horse spotted black he named Gomez, Peregrine a pure brown horse he named Ranon, Marcellius a palamino horse who greatly disliked Marcellius he called Jackass, and Tibles took for himself a horse as black as night he named Nightingale. As the Company prepared to finally depart from Winterhaven, Marcellius decided to remain in the town and clear his name in the eyes of the religious people in Ashen by helping in the reconstruction of Winterhaven.

After a short farewell, Marcellius ran off into the city to aid in whatever way he could while the remaining members of the Tiki Company, along with new steeds and a new companion, rode off into the sunset on their way to Gootham, ready to face whatever challenges Fate may have in store, and to overcome them, together.

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