A Narrow Escape

The Company fell through a space of nothingness after entering the portal in the keep and found themselves in a new room, a giant pool of blood in the center of the room draining into grates in the floor, a statue of the Lord Orcus, a portal to Hell, and Kalarel reading from a magic tome across from where the party entered. After an exchange of words and a challenge of Buck, the epic fight between the forces of good and evil begins, and the first to fall is the wight form of Thomas Keeper, a man sent to spy on the Tiki Company who was betrayed by his own master.

After a challenging battle in the pool of blood, at last Kalarlel fell, his fullblade clattering on the ground, and as the battle seemed to be over and won, the black portal became clear as black tendrils reached out and dragged the lifeless body of Kalarlel into the portal, only to be replaced by a monster of such ferocity and might, that the Tiki Company was frozen in fear and awe. The new monstrosity that stood before them was the mighty and terrifying Aspect of Destruction of the Lord Orcus, the Balor! Wielding electric sword in one hand and fire whip in the other, the Balor came upon our heroes, his power and might smiting all in its path. The group drew it out of its summoning circle and as Clare Trannyth fell into the abyss from the might of this creature, all hope seemed lost until, by miraculous chance, an airship piloted by none other than Duran-Duran broke through the floor of the chamber in the Astral Sea and opened fire upon the monstrosity.

Clare at the bow, wielding a new sword after hers was destroyed in the battle, and Duran at the helm, the Tiki Company quickly climbed aboard the ship as Duran laid waste to the room and Balor, escaping the chamber just before the Balor exploded, taking the chamber with it. On deck, recovering from their experience, the Tiki Company was briefly reunited with Duran-Duran and his new accomplice, a paladin by name of Belarin, a man with no past and a brown leather cloak covering his left arm. He explained he was originally part of Duran's renegade militia, but was now wishing to travel in the company of our heroes, swearing his allegiance to them.

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