The Calm Before the Storm

With new found comrades Clare and Valthrun, Tibles and Peregrine return to their friends in the keep and inform them of the tragedy that happened outside in Winterhaven, to their horror. After all is told, Valthrun approached the sealed door and conjures all the magic at his disposal and channels it into one gigantic burst of magical energy that breaks the seal on the door. The door slowly opens, and as the others watch in amazement at the power of Valthrun, he stumbles forwards, stating he did more than he expected, and falls to the ground, dead.

The trauma seemed to have taken its toll on Buck, as the moment Valthrun fell, Buck seemed to have lost grip on reality, crouched in a ball form on the ground mumbling in-comprehensive words to himself. As he comes to, he tells Tibles he was in a space surrounded by purple flames, and saw Valthrun who promised him power if he signed a document, and as Valthrun began to disappear, he changed form into an Eladrin. Tibles soon realized that Buck had signed a Fey Pact, and in doing so would soon be bound to the Fey creature's bidding.

After a short and hurried burial for Valthrun, the Company prepares for the final battle, and Peregrine displaying his skill in acrobatics, breaks the wooded door beyond the stone door, the last standing obstacle between them and Kalarlel. The door gone, Clare boldly charges through the Company into the portal before them, and as Buck rallies the Company, he inspires them with words of confidence and friendship, the Company draw sword, mace, and staff, and enter the portal, ready for anything that they may face.

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