The Wasteland of Winterhaven

With the impassable door standing tall, blocking their path, the Company agrees to split up, with Buck, Marcellius, and Mersh remaining behind to keep a stronghold in the keep, and Peregrine and Tibles depart for Winterhaven to enlist the aid of Valthrun. As Peregrine and Tibles make their way into Winterhaven, they find the gates to the town swung open and trails of blood leading into the now ruined village. Advancing to Valthrun's tower, Tibles and Peregrine are stopped by the elven ranger recognized from the Inn, Nirnaran, with 2 Grayhounds at her heels.

Despite Tibles and Peregrine's efforts to avoid a battle, the pair are soon forced to take action and attack the treacherous ranger. After a mighty display of magical power from Tibles and the nimble slashes from Peregrine, soon Nirnaran and her group of the undead are soon killed, and vengeance for the slaughtered townspeople has been fulfilled. Before she died, Nirnaran reveals that the zombies and undead the Company slew in the keep were the bodies of the townsfolk, including that of the dwarven smithy, who's awesome strength was not enough to save himself.

With their foe dispatched, Tibles finds a note on the corpse of Nirnaran revealing she was a servant of Kalarlel, and was given her power after completing a ritual given to her by her master, and a phrase written on the note that would supposedly remove the magic barrier preventing the Company's progression into the Keep. As Tibles ponders the events to come, Peregrine searches for any survivors in the former town of Winterhaven, and finds the barmaid and many others slain in the Inn, and to his own horror, finds the horses of his caravan slain, those that he raised from birth. Not convinced entirely, Tibles and Peregrine head to Valthrun's Tower and find him stooped over the unconscious body of Clare, injured in the battle for Winterhaven. After informing Valthrun of the situation, he awakes Clare and the four make haste for the keep, with a new fire burning in their eyes to avenge the innocent slain this day.

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