The Impassable Door

As the Tiki Company takes its first steps into the looming Goblin Keep, Tibles uses the Eye of the Tree Root to find the most efficient and quickest way through the Keep. After fighting their way through a horde of goblins and rats, the Company comes to a room with a door sealed magically. For fear of what lies in the keep, Buck and Mersh barricade themselves into the room with cots found in the room while Tibles seals the door to the East where a group of zombies approaches. After sealing the room, Tibles sacrifices his Knock ritual scroll to break the lock on the door to allow the group to proceed.

Advancing through the keep led the Company to face an army of undead and zombies, and after slaying all that lay before them, they came to a safe room where Marcellius and Tibles find and locate a hidden treasure room, where after answering an obscure riddle, obtained an enchanted helmet to add to their spoils of battle. The door that stood before them seemed impassable, and even with the magical might of Tibles, the keen perception of Marcellius, and an incredible display of strength from Richard J. Buckles which laid waste to all around him, the door stood strong, and a wizard more powerful than even Tibles was needed to break the seal.

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