Payment and Passage

As the Company returns, weary from their adventures in the wilderness come to the Wrafton Inn for another night of recuperation when Peregrine leaves the group and goes to the smithy to inquire about the progress on their order. Peregrine quickly enrages the Dwarven Smithy and provokes him into a fight in which Peregrine is at a disadvantage. As things begin to worsen, Tibles, Buck, and Marcellius intervene to stop any bloodshed and are forced to knock Peregrine unconscious in his hysteric state and after numerous apologies depart for the inn where Mersh headed to acquire some rooms.

As Buck and the others enter the inn, Mersh had learned from a nearby flower girl that a keep up the hill from Winterhaven that had been currently infested by a group of goblins and other creatures. The flower girl gives a flower to Mersh, and after eating said flower, leaves to hand Buck the room keys after he deposited Peregrine’s unconscious body into his caravan, and tells this news to Buck.

The next morning, Tibles and Buck spend time learning and mastering some new rituals, and Buck gets rather friendly with a female Dragonborn who happens to teach him one of the rituals, and Peregrine attempts to patch things up with the smithy by leaving a basket filled with delicious foods that the smithy declines by setting fire to it. As the rest of the Company wakes, Buck, and later Mersh, head to Lord Padraig’s castle to collect payment for their deeds, a hefty 500 GP and after taking their leave from the lord of Winterhaven, go to join Tibles on his way to Valthrun’s Tower to learn more of the disturbance in the Shadowfell.

As the three enter the tower, they are greeted by Valthrun himself along with his rather unfriendly black pet cat. After proper introductions had been made, Tibles shows Valthrun two keys found in the tomb of Gregory Fox and the Necropolis under Artorshade, which were revealed to unlock the two locked floors of Valthrun’s tower, which had been locked for decades. As they ascended the tower and reached the 4th floor, Valthrun told them of what he had learned of the keep and the Shadowfell.

Valthrun tells the Company that the keep to which they were heading was built in the old empire of Nerath, and had been constructed over a rift of the Shadowfell. This rift in particular was connected to the realm of the demon lord, Orcus, who desired for the destruction of the world. As the Company shared what they knew with Valthrun, it became apparent that the mysterious Kalarlel who had been working with Ogden Sadrick, is in pursuit of opening this rift, unleashing the monsters of Orcus under his command.

With this new information in hand, the Company gathers together and prepares to depart for the keep that had been infested with Goblins, and as they begin to leave, they are stopped by Clare, the fighter sent by the Goothonium government to watch the Company and make sure they completed the task set upon them. After convincing Clare of their conviction to complete their quest, she left for the tavern stating to come find her if they needed her help. With Clare gone, the Company begins the final stage of their quest, and depart for the Goblin Keep to face off against Kalarlel, Ogden, and whatever may lie ahead of them.

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