Killin' Some Kobolds

As the Tiki Company awoke from their sleep into a gray, cloudy day in the town of Winterhaven to find the normally bustling town quiet and desolate. Buck awakes from his sleep in a fierce rage and confronts Peregrine for him tempting Buck into breaking his oath he solemnly kept for 10 long years, and after the dust settles, the Company made way for the village gates to inform the Lord Padraig of their departure to the lair of the Kobolds. After settling a heated argument between the Lord of Winterhaven and a traveling female human, the Company learns that this traveler was sent to aid the Company in their mission north of the small town, and tells them she will await in Wrafton’s Inn for departure.

As the Company travels along the road that led them to Winterhaven, they are once again set upon by a hoard of Kobolds with the intent of revenge for their fallen comrades whose graves lie fresh in the ground. After dispatching of the Kobold troop the Company leaves the road and heads into the wilderness towards the lair. The Company soon arrives at a river surrounded by impenetrable forest that leads to a waterfall, the one and the same the elven ranger told Mersh and Tibles of. After an enduring battle against many a Kobold guard, the Company comes to the base of the waterfall and find a small enchanted circle that increases the strength of those who stand in it.

Upon further inspection of the waterfall, Marcellius notices a small, rocky path leading up behind the waterfall into the lair of the Kobolds. The Company charged into the lair of the notorious Kobolds, and after slaying many a warrior, the leader of the Kobolds, a tall, menacing brute wielding a battleaxe in each hand enters the fray with his elite guard. After a long fierce battle with the Kobold leader and his henchmen, the Company’s enemies began to fall, one by one until the leader was finally struck down, giving one last ominous message before his passing; “Ogden and Lord Orcus, prepare my way…”

With the Kobolds gone and the threat to Winterhaven’s farmers defeated at last, the Tiki Company begins to divvy up the spoils of their labors, and as Buck looks over the dead body of the Kobold leader, he finds a key opening the small chest in the back room containing 500 GP and a Ruby Ring, as well as a small note in a pouch around the fallen leader’s neck. The note addressed to a mysterious Kalarlel, and read “Our spy in Winterhaven suggests to keep an eye out for visitors. It is probably nothing, and will probably be safe to open the rift completely. They people of Winterhaven will be food for the servants that Lord Orcus sends me. – O.S.”

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