So Much to do, so Little Time...

As the Company entered the little village of Winterhaven, they were hailed by a guard and after explaining their coming to his village, were directed to the Wrafton’s Inn down the road where they were bound to discover where they needed to go. As they approached the Inn, Buck and Peregrine split off from the group to see the nearby smithy about reinforcing their caravans for future ambushes. After a long, heated, and rather ridiculous argument, Buck and Peregrine convinced the Irish-Dwarven smithy to forge new armor and spikes for their caravans, left to go chop down trees from the forest and began work on their caravans. With Buck’s immense skill in this area, the twosome finished their task and made way for the Inn to join their companions.

Meanwhile, Tibles, Marcellius, and Mersh entered the Inn to be brushed aside by a man storming out of the bar after an argument with another called Valthrun. Marcellius was drawn aside by the shouting of an apparent drunken man, whom upon questioning revealed that he was distressed about a man by the name of Douven whom he had given directions to an old burial site SW of the village. As the drunken, slurred conversation carried on Marcellius discovered that this burial site was rumored to be a dragon’s tomb, and this intrigued Marcellius and was anxious to tell the others. After giving his tidings to Tibles, the three went to question the barmaid if she heard any tales of any disturbances to the north of Winterhaven. After warnings of the monsters that plagued the road ahead, she directed the three to the man named Valthrun, who had information about a keep north of the village, in the area that the disturbance was located. Valthrun, upon learning of why the adventurers had come to Winterhaven, was more than eager to share what he knew of the keep with Tibles, and promised to find out more for the adventurers in his tower located to the west of the inn.

It was at this point that Buck and Peregrine entered the bar, both coming in totally stoned after “celebrating” the completion of the caravans. Even though Buck had sworn to forever keep away from the addicting drug, the presence of Peregrine had finally overcome his oaths, something the proud dragonborn would soon regret. As Marcellius and Tibles struggled to convince Buck and Peregrine to leave the inn and sleep in the caravans until the effects of the marijuana wore off, Buck insisted on staying and waiting it out while a now drunk and high Peregrine returned to his caravan and locked the door, Mersh approached the cloaked stranger sitting in the corner of the bar. While her identity remains unknown, the female elven ranger defeated Mersh in a battle of wit and told Mersh of a death cult that had some dealings in the keep to the north. She also told of a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall high up upon a cliff east and south of Winterhaven where she spotted some of the cult members coming too and fro of. She then suggested that Mersh and Tibles speak to the Lord Padraig in the center of the bar.

Tibles then went and spoke to the Lord Padraig, lord of the lands, and after a little flattery, divulged that the Kobolds have overstepped their bounds and have been taking over the nearby farmlands for their own use. He offered to pay the Tiki Company rather generously if they could rid the Kobold menace from Winterhaven, telling that their lair lay southeast of Winterhaven. With so many new options to consider, the Company bid the lord goodnight, saying they had much to ponder before taking action, and with Buck returned to his senses, insisted on paying the fee for a room for the night out of guilt from his actions.

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