Wandering into Winterhaven

Continuing on their journey, the Company soon came upon their destroyed hometown of Artorshade, where the remaining inhabitants began the laborious task of rebuilding their beloved town. As the entered Artorshade, Tibles explained to Buck their adventures in this town and what be felled the people of this town. The Company greeted Artemis as they entered town and told him of their recent adventures and introduced him to Buck.

Artemis told the company of a stranger wandering northwards towards Hephen, and who was once a regular at their pub before its destruction. Upon hearing this news, the meaning of the mysterious O. S. finally became apparent for Peregrine as he rushed to tell the others that it was left by their old foe, Ogden Sadrick. Disturbed by the news that their enemy was heading in the direction of the disturbance in the Shadowfell, the Company made haste for the town of Hephen where they found that a few days ago a man matching Ogden’s description had passed through.

Spending the night in Hephen let the group regroup and recharge and after a good rest in the elven village, the group made way for the village of Winterhaven. After crossing a rotten bridge and traveling through a seemingly never-ending forest, the Company came upon an open plain littered with boulders from nearby mountains. As they passed through the plain, from behind the boulders came a group of lizard-like creatures known as Kobolds, lying in wait for travelers to rob. As they battered and beat the caravans, the Company sprang into action, Tibles quickly laying waste to the minions. Led by the cocky and arrogant Yerk-Offe, the remaining three Kobaulds led a long and enduring battle against the Company until one by one they met their demise by the swords and power of the Tiki Company. With Yerk-Offe’s last breath he told of many more Kobaulds that will avenge his death, and with a grim smirk on his face, fell to the ground, dead. With damaged caravans and threats of another ambush on the road, the Company wasted no time to make for Winterhaven with all their speed and managed to arrive unharmed.

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