Farewell Duran-Duran

Upon exiting the under-croft, the Tiki Company was greeted by New-Brooklyn York and told a reward would be given to one of them at the altar. As they prayed to the great dragon king Bahamut, Marcellius was given new found power from the deity, and after parting from the Cathedral, the party returned to Buck’s store and spent the night. While the others still slept, Buck along with Marcellius and Mersh purchased some items and equipment that would prove to be useful in the future.

After returning, Buck gathered up the rest of the company and they then made way for the Arcane Tower. At the Arcane Tower, the group was told that an unknown entity was causing disturbances in the elemental plains and the Shadowfell, attempting to rip a hole in the Shadowfell causing the destruction of the world in the town of Winterhaven. It was clear this was the objective set upon them by the Goothonium government, and the group quickly departed from Goothum.

As they departed from Goothum, they were hailed by a stranger shrouded in a black cloak. The stranger went by the name of Thomas Keeper and was in need of transportation to somewhere North of Gootham in the vicinity of Winterhaven. Even though their suspicion had the better of them, the Tiki Company agreed to give him passage north under the guard of Marcellius and Duran.

Only a couple hours down the road, the company arrived at a fork in the road, with the path to the left leading to a Dwarven Weapon Forge to which Duran greatly desired to go. Upon arrival, Duran darted out of the caravan and, dressed in golden encrusted robes, entered the forge to be greeted by workers as a man of incredibly high stature. Buck, along with Tibles and Marcellius followed Duran into the forge while Mersh and Peregrine stayed with the caravans and after a long, enduring climb up 30 flights of stairs came to a chamber where 5 powerful weapons lay waiting for the Tiki Company to claim them.

For Marcellius, a triple flail with 5 foot long chains and daggers tipping each chain named Lasher. For Tibles, the Arcana Staff, a staff imbued with arcana power (duh). For Buck, a newly designed crossbow that could shoot multiple bolts at once called Shotgun. For Mersh, a hand-crossbow of similar design to Buck’s weapon called Pistol. And for Peregrine, a powerful axe the size of a broadsword called Cleaver. With no weapon for Duran, he was infuriated with his workers and revealed that he was in charge of the weapon forge and was forced to remain behind to pick up the slack of his workers.

After a tearful farewell, the remaining 5 of the company departed for Winterhaven to complete their quest.

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