Fall of Morgrym

We emerged from the Cave, into daylight, and were immediately sighted by a pair of Imperial troops. We were on the edge of the side jungle that was being actively patrolled, so it made sense. Alex flashed his badge, Morgrym pontificated his authority, and we enlisted their help. Following the map, we headed further south.

The map served us well, up until a point. We followed the path it gave us, until the path simply ended, and a large mountain stood before us. Except it wasn't a mountain at all. Gods be true, it was a dragon. All in all, it was perplexing. The soldiers we met attempted to fight, and were promptly disposed of. When we showed no signs of hostility, the dragon asked us a few bland questions, and then shifted itself to allow us in. It was the gate keeper for the rebel territory, it seemed.

Once within the territory, the map showed us that the nearest town was a thorp, just a few bends up the road. We arrived, and checked in to an inn. There, we met an elf named tibles of the blue leaf clan. We chatted with him, but I disjointed myself from the conversation when he identified me as a blood mage. I'd heard it all before.

Later, Alex told me that this elf was headed to the rebel capital. He apparently knew of a secret route that would get us there within a day. We decided that we'd follow him. It wasn't easy going, but it worked out.

Once inside, we were granted audience with the powers that be. They took custody of us, and began to forcefully demand that we tell them where we disappeared to. We were confused; we told them all that we knew, and they were just as taken aback. Morgrym, being an imperial soldier, was under heavy suspicion. In the end, conceded to give us a room for the night, and allow us to live in relative freedom. Nadine was revealed to be safe and sound, and her and Alex were re-united.

Good. I would need the breathing room. There was a tower in the center of the city, used to relay information from one base to the next. Inside were piles and piles of records and letters sent by raven. Completely full of information about the rebels. Whatever I could steal would easily give the empire the upper hand, and no doubt win my father's favor.

Alex, Morgrym and I set out in the night. Alex had his own reasons, I'm sure. Unfortunately, we weren't nearly stealthy enough. We scaled the tower, and began loading a bag with the records of their most recent communications, but a guard wandered into the room, and strife ensued. I started a fire. It would wipe out their communications, and destroy all evidence that we had been there. Then we ran. Alex, Morgrym, and I all scattered in different directions.

I buried the information in the safest place I could find, and then escaped to the botanical gardens to hide. There, I met Alex, who had managed to avoid capture. We waited until morning, and learned that Morgrym was not so lucky. He had been captured, and the ruling parties had found him guilty of the entire atrocity. He didn't betray our trust; he mentioned nothing of our involvement.

The rebel leader decided that he would be put under house arrest, and kept under watch if he promised to atone. Morgrym would have none of it. He wanted the rebels to do their worst. They hauled him off to a prison underneath the surface, for a life sentence. He was in there for less than an hour before he assaulted a guard, and was killed.

Rest in Peace, Morgrym.

-Matau Ing'um

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