Further into the Depths

With the Skull Lord defeated and the undead plague vanquished, the Company prepared to take their leave, but as the began to depart, a second tunnel came into view branching leading further underground. As they ventured deeper into the tunnel system, it became apparent they were traveling through the underground sewer system of Gootham. Further and further they went, until the party came upon an abandoned campsite, and as Mersh went forwards to investigate, he was sent plummeting into a pitfall filled with a mysterious liquid.

Rushing to his aid, Buck lowered a rope to pull his hated companion out of the pit and as Tibles shed some light as to the bottom of the pit, it was revealed that the mysterious liquid was a man-eating Gelatinous Cube, which had engulfed Mersh and began the slow process of digesting the half-elf. As the others did their best to destroy the Gelatinous monster, Mersh struggled to maintain his grip on his only chance for survival, Buck was finally able to muster the strength needed to pull Mersh out of the pit in the nick of time. Its prey escaped, and hanging to life by a thread, the Gelatinous Cube escaped into the tunnels, and with their companion safe, the Company readily agrees to not pursue the monster for fear of what else may be sleeping in the deep.

After a bridge crossing and a little more adventuring, the Company at last came upon the end of the tunnel network and found pinned to the dungeon wall a note. The note read not to follow the writer of the note, who somehow knew who Buck was, and that it was he who awoke the undead of Bahamut’s Cathedral, signed by a mysterious O. S. Their adventure finally completed, the Tiki Company left the under-croft and returned to the surface to complete the task set before them.

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