Journey into the Deep

Updated Party:
Duran-Duran, Marcellius, Mersh, Tibles, Richard J. Buckles, Peregrine Toque (alive)

Following the conclusion to Mersh’s trial, Buck took the group back to his house and wanted to test their skills to see what he had to work with. He hung a dummy clad in armor and watched as each member of the Tiki Company took their swings at it. He was impressed with the power displayed by Peregrine and Duran, frankly unimpressed with the futility of Mersh, only deepening his hatred of the half-elven rogue, and was rather confused by the powers shown by Marcellius and Tibles, not understanding the powers of the arcane and divine, but respected this art that he did not understand.

The group decided it best to aid New-Brooklyn York and his dilemma in the under-croft and dove into the deeps of the monastery of Bahamut, and after slaying all undead that lay before them, hordes of skeletons, zombies, and a terrifying four-armed skeleton wielding a scimitar in each hand, found themselves at the very depths of the monastery.

There they found a skull lord, and old servant of Bahamut who fought in his name who was returned to this world as the undead by pure mistake. After exchanging words with Buck and Tibles, he attacked Buck with a powerful ice attack, which soon led to the whole party charging in for battle. After a long, enduring battle, the skull lord was soon left with one head remaining and found himself surrounded by the company and with some parting words from Buck, was defeated and returned to the world of the dead.

On his tomb was found a powerful ancient sword embed with ancient, powerful magics that made it impossible for any of the party, save Buck to wield, and even with his dragonborn strength cannot wield fully. With sword in hand, the party prepares to journey further into the bowels of the under-croft, ready for any new challenges that they may find.

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