The Trial of Mersh

Upon entering the gates of Gootham, our heroes were overcome with joy as Peregrine slowly returned to consciousness. After their reunion, the group wandered around town for awhile, and after a visit to the ritual’s shop and an odd store here and there, the group was hailed down by a priest from the local monastery by the name of New-Brooklyn York who was in dire need of their help.

Apparently, a horde of undead monsters had appeared in the under-croft of the monastery and the panicked saint begged for them to go and eliminate the undead scourge from his monastery. Agreeing to do so the next day due to weariness from their travels, the group heads to a nearby tavern only to encounter a dragonborn warlord by name of Richard J. Buckles, whom, upon recognizing Mersh, summons the city guard to arrest him.

After a discussion with the remainder of the group, Buckles (going by name of “Buck”) and sharing introductions, Buck leaves for his house and agrees to meet with the group of adventurers at the light of dawn the next day before Mersh’s trial.

Early the next day, the party, along with Buck, head for the courthouse to defend Mersh against the prosecution and upon entering take their place at the prosecution table and notice a rather dark and cloaked figure at the back of the courtroom. Originally sent to death, Marcellius along with Peregrine, are able to convince the honorable judge to allow Mersh to live under the promise to look into a disturbance in the Arcane Tower and with the choice to aid New-Brooklyn York (nicknamed “Baldy” by Buck) with his problem in the under-croft under the watchful eye of Buck.

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