Fool of a Toque

As the halberd came down upon the body of Peregrine Toque, he soon knew no more and found himself wandering amongst the darkness and awoke, finding himself lying on the floor of a damp cave, hearing water running in the distance. As the confused halfling rose to his feet, a voice echoed throughout the cave: “Peregrine Toque! Come, and face yourself!”

As Peregrine advanced into the cave, white wisps of smoke trailed off from his body, and was soon encountered with the three aspects of himself his “remedies” had cured his from. He was soon confronted with his Doubting Self, his Fearing Self, and his Anxiety Self, the three parts of his personality he buried through his drug addictions. He soon vanquished two of his three foes, but as each faded, the third became more powerful. Pushed to his limits, Peregrine struggled against this fearsome foe. How does one overcome himself? Peregrine solved this riddle, and in one final attack, he banished the demonic version of himself into the swirling spirit tornado behind him, and sent him plummeting into the Void.

His battle won, Peregrine began to hear the distant voice of Tibles calling out to him, and as the light enveloped him, Peregrine returned to the land of the living.

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