Adventure in Osgard

Current Party:
Duran-Duran, Marcellius, Mersh, Tibles, Peregrine Toque

As our heroes approach the entrance to the mountain city of Osguard, they are stopped by a pair of Dwarven guards whom, after some persuasion from Duran, allow the group into the city only to discover the city had greatly changed since Duran's last visit.

The city had been reduced to a place of poverty and crime on lower levels followed by a higher class monarchy on different levels of the city. After sending away a dwarven prostitute, the party heads to a potion's shop on the lowest level of the city in hopes of procuring a Potion of Life to revive Peregrine, and after obtaining one for a suspiciously low price, head to the upper levels to purchase a scroll of revival for a fail-safe and a Dispel scroll to be rid of the Lord Paolini once and for all by destroying the seal on his Phylactery.

With potion and scrolls in hand, the group leaves the failing city behind on look onto the horizon towards Gootham, and with the Potion of Life failed, Tibles begins the process of reading the Scroll of Life to bring Peregrine back to life only for a demonic essence to possess Peregrine's body and fall to the floor of the caravan limp.

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