The First Arc

This is a really quick no-detail summary of everything that happened during our first adventures. It's sort of sloppy but I guess it serves its purpose.
If I missed anything, feel free to add it.

1. Prologue
Starting party:
Marcellius, Mersh, Duran-Duran, and Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan.
One day, some guy named Ogden Sadric comes in and offers to pay them to find his caravan full of trade goods.
They accept, find the caravan, meet a dragon, and have a roaring good time.
But when they came back, they found their entire town had been burned to pieces.

2. The Road to Riverbend
They search the ruins of Artorshade, and find the sole survivor of the tragedy, Teresa the Barmaid, who had been working for them the last few months. She's dazed, but very much alive.
After a short rest, she says that Ogden left shortly before the attack, and she didn't see where he went. She advises them to go to Riverbend, since that's where they're most likely to find assistance.

On the way there, they meet a group of Elven highwaymen. They had a blockade set up, and demanded money for the Tiki Company's crossing. Marcellius had the brilliant idea to trade Duran, the Dwarf, for passage. The Elves accepted, and put Duran to work building a small hut just out of sight from the road.

A few hours later, The Tiki Company came back to sneak Duran out, which simply ended in a fight.
All the elves were murdered, save for one by the name of Vladmir. Mersh told Vladmir to spread the word that The Tiki Company was out for revenge, and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Vladmir fled.

With this victory, The Tiki Company had gained a caravan and a horse, and merrily arrived in Riverbend by evening.

3. Riverbend
The group bought some supplies, and went into an Inn to rent a room. To their surprise, Ogden was there, enjoying a book. Mersh addressed him, and a fight broke out. Ogden was knocked unconscious and, after much interrogation, revealed that he had been offered immense power and wealth if he got The Tiki Company to leave town. He suspects there was necromancy involved.

They plan to head back to Artorshade the next day, and get to the bottom of this.

4. The Tomb of Grigori Fawkes
Arriving in Artorshade, The Tiki Company finds multiple funeral services running, and a group of private investigators, lead by a Tiefling named Artemis. They have a chat, and Artemis offers to help them if they can find an artifact called the "Eye of the Tree root." It is said that the eye reveal every aspect of the user's surroundings to him, within a one-mile radius. The Tiki Company accepts, leaving the caravan and Ogden in Artemis's hands.

They set off for the Tomb of Grigori Fawkes, which was the final resting place of the eye.
Fighting their way through the goblins and other creatures that inhabited it, they find some good loot, and a new companion, named Peregrine Toque.

At the end of the chamber, they meet a familiar face; Vladmir the Elf was also after the eye, claiming that the destruction that had befallen Artorshade had now fallen upon Hephan, his home town.

They form a bargain, and Vladmir leaves empty-handed. Prize in hand, The Tiki Company decides to take a short rest.

Mersh isn't happy with this, so for some reason, he steals the eye of the tree root from his party, and leaves to give it to Artemis. Then he sets off for Gootham, to right the wrongs of his past.

On his way back, he meets a traveler named Kiana, and has a chat with her. She convinces him to rejoin his friends, and leave the revenge for another day.

5. Under Artorshade
When The Tiki Company arrives back in Artorshade, Ogden has disappeared, and Artemis gives them an account of what happened. Apparently he burned through the ropes and teleported away.

With the Eye, Artemis attempts to get a clear picture of the underground, but is blocked by a magical barrier. He tells The Tiki Company that he will keep trying, and they can take a rest before attempting to enter the underground.

In the morning, they are awoken by the sounds of an inbound army. They all take hiding spots as a Necromancer and an army of Zombies open up the earth, and descend into its depths. They then dungeon-crawl down to the bottom, being joined halfway through by Mersh, and arrive outside the Necromancer's chamber.

Vladmir awaits them outside, and reveals that he has been under the Necromancer's (Lord Paolini's) rule since the roadblock incident. He also informs the group that they don't have a chance of defeating Lord Paolini, as he is about to become immortal.

There is an epic mini boss fight. Duran is about to deal the killing blow to Vladmir, but Peregrine wants him alive to give more information about the Necromancer. Duran doesn't listen; he brings his halberd down on Vladmir, and Peregrine jumps in the way, getting chopped clean in half. With Peregrine now dead, the group seems to fall apart. Duran decides he will avenge Peregrine's death by taking his own life. Teresa urges him to fight.

6. The Great Chamber
Apparently the Necromancer wanted to destroy Artorshade so that he could access the long-forgotten tomb of an Asmodeous disciple, and gain the power held within. As The Tiki Company enters the great chamber, Lord Paolini is just finishing his ritual, and has been transformed into a Lich.

(epic boss fight stuff here)

After the fight, Tibles reads Paolini's ritual book, and realizes that they must destroy the Necromancer's Phylactery. Everyone exits the dungeon, and Artemis congratulates them on a job well done. They then head straight to bed.

In the morning, Teresa gets up, and informs the group that she is going on her own path. She says half-hearted goodbyes and leaves to the North. The Tiki Company gets packed up, says goodbye to Artemis, and heads south to Gootham. They make a stop in Osguard to buy ritual scrolls to help revive Peregrine.

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