Tin Can Man

I awoke in a bed next to Shizune on the upper floor of the merchant’s shop. My belongings were on the floor nearby. I went downstairs for some breakfast and received some payment for our work. Most of my morning was spent shopping and resupplying. That is, until a large and angry man in a shining suit of plate armor came bursting into the store, asking about the task of retrieving the golden claw. Apparently the store owner had hired this man to go clear out Bleak Falls Barrow, but employed us instead because he got tired of waiting.

Anyways, this big guy got pissed, and started thumping his way up the stairs. I decided I’d escape out the window. That strategy might have worked, had I not been noticed by the townspeople. They gave me away, and before I knew it, the big lug was outside and barking questions at me. He introduced himself as Datrian and commended me for a job well done. He spent the rest of his time annoyingly close to both me and Shizune. He told us that we’d do well in the Companions guild in Whiterun, and offered to escort us back home.

Why not? I could use a meatshield. We packed our things and hit the road.

—Franklin O'Reilly

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