Astraea’s Final Entry

Things have been hectic. My last entry was over a week ago. This whole event has just been one giant and confusing mess, but now things have finally started to make sense. We learned about the temples, and the power crystals, and where we really are.

As it turns out, this place is a schism that split apart from the Feywild. Around 413 years ago, a group called The Tiki Company defeated another group called The Black Dragon Company. It was a battle of good versus evil as I understand it, and when The Tiki Company triumphed, they tried to destroy everything that remained of The Black Dragon Company. They tried to erase their tomb from existence, and it ended up here. Lou Tenant believes that we’re floating somewhere in the Elemental Chaos. I have very little reason to doubt him.

The separation between this place and the natural world has started to blur. Presumably that’s how we ended up here. As it turns out, this world is going to cease to exist if we don’t do anything to stabilize it. That’s where the Crystals come in.

The crystals are an ancient source of power. They were sealed away in temples 413 years ago, with mechanisms put in place to test the mettle of whomever attempted to claim them. The idea was for us to pass all the tests and claim the crystal’s power for ourselves. We would then use this power to stabilize this place, and save everyone living here.

Well, we have all the crystals now. Corona got the Crystal of Wisdom in the first temple, I got the crystal of courage in the second. Lou got the crystal of Duty, and Hairy got the crystal of freedom. But as it turns out, the crystals are the source of power that is keeping this place from fading into nothingness. They’re running out of power, and the only way to charge them is to make a worthy sacrifice to each crystal. A sacrifice of courage for the crystal of courage. A sacrifice of wisdom for the crystal of wisdom, et cetera.

If you haven’t guessed it, we’re the ones to be sacrificed.

We’ve come a long way, overcome many obstacles. Corona has opened up to us a lot more now. I think she’s found some sense of family in our group; in some ways she’s become the sister I never had. I was overwhelmed when she told us what had happened to her as a child, and I’m glad that she was finally able to trust someone enough to confide in them.

Lou Tenant has found his place here as well. He’s finally beginning to trust us, and has come to terms with his strange form of psychosis. The two people inside his head are slowly becoming one, and he’s been a lot more stable and calm as a result, though just as whimsical and unique as when I first met him.

Hairy wasn’t happy when he learned of what our task was. In fact, there were times when he just wanted to quit entirely, but something inside kept him going. Despite the responsibility he has been burdened with, he remains as free spirited as always. He’s one of the first true friends I’ve ever had. I’m going to miss him and Beary when this is all over.

As for myself, I’ve finally started to remember. I remember being the heir to my father’s throne. I remember the people’s outrage at having a female ruler. I remember taking a heavy blow from a war hammer during a riot. It must have knocked something loose inside my head. Looking back on my journal entries is disorienting. According to Corona, I kept changing my personality. One moment I was assuming the role of a glorious king, the next a valiant knight, a lowly beggar, a court jester, the list goes on. I don’t know what finally clicked inside my head, but I’ve been seeing things clearly now. That’s something I’m thankful for.

The townsfolk have arranged a memorial for our heroic deeds. All that’s left now is to seal the deal. I suppose this is the last journal entry I’ll ever write. So that means goodbye, dear diary.

If anyone ever finds a way back to the natural world, seek out the Golden Valley kingdom, and tell King Allbright of my deeds. I want my family to remember me as a hero, not the lost cause that I once was.

—Astraea Allbright

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