Knight’s Journal, Entry 7

After the general had been dealt with, and we had the key to the temple in hand, it was time for us to delve inside and see what treasures awaited. We wasted no time in entering the temple, which started with stairs that descended into darkness. Unfortunately for us, the place was still riddled with traps. No sooner had we gone down a few sets of stairs, then a great boulder crashed down behind us, and began rolling down the stairs, threatening to bowl us over!

We made a dash for the end of the stairwell, which fortunately was straight ahead. We made it through safely, and the boulder smashed into the doorway, sealing us in! We lit torches, and found ourselves in an antechamber of sorts. There were was a great pit in the middle, which seemed to me like a very long drop downwards. There were also a few passageways leading off in different directions. We tried the first door on the left.

It entered into a dank, musty chamber. The smell was terrible, and it was filled with stalagmites and stalactites. At the far end we spied an innocent looking treasure chest. We ran in to get it, but were attacked as several spiders jumped from the ceiling. Harry made a break for the chest, and made his escape with it. I told them to run, and I’d take on the spiders while they kept exploring.

It was quite a battle. I came out of it relatively unscathed, but my hat had been utterly ruined. I looked around for a suitable replacement, and found a battered old helmet on the ground. This would do nicely.

When I exited the room, there were several traps activated around the hole in the floor. I found one of the other passages had been sealed, and the third was occupied by Hairy and the corporal. I asked where Corona went, and they told me she was stuck in the room that got sealed off; most probably dead. I helped them with some sort of puzzle, and a secret passage was opened. Following it, we met Corona, who had nearly suffocated.

Corona reasoned that the power source for all the traps would be at the top of the temple, so we attempted to climb up to the top using a newly opened passage. I carried the corporal on my back, and when we arrived at the top, we found the power source; a strange looking crystal. The corporal managed to switch it off without much problem, and we went back to the main floor.

With the hole in the middle of the antechamber now unblocked, we thought it’d be a good idea to see what was down there. Hairy went first, and we heard him land in a pool of water. He said it was a safe drop.

We all went into the underground lake, and pulled ourselves to the shore. There was a door inlayed into the wall which we opened. A group of small hooded creatures were there to greet us, standing around a strange looking alter. We tried to make peace with them, but fighting inevitably broke out. We were attacked not only by the dark ones, but my mystic shadow-monsters that attached to us. We pulled through alright in the end, however, and managed to coerce two of the remaining dark ones into leaving the temple through a shortcut that they had dug. We then examined the altar.

It was a large stone slab, which shone when Corona examined it. A large glowing yellow owl spirit emerged and presented Corona with some sort of strange crystal. It said something cryptic about our journey ahead, and then left us. We ended up emerging in daylight outside the temple, blinking and wondering what it all meant. We took Viktor back to his caravan, and rested for a bit before setting off east, wheeling along on a horse-drawn catapult to where the next temple was rumored to be.

—Sir Astraea Allbright

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