Traps of the Jungle

Review of current events: Woke up in a field with no memory from the past 48 hours, met two crazy people in the forest, escaped a village of elf savages that was being destroyed by some army, blew up a mountain, met a Russian shifter with an awesome polar bear spirit, drained a lake.

How much worse could things get?

Apparently, they could get a lot worse. Wet, tired, and beaten we all took the time to rest up at what used to be the lakeshore. We each marveled at our new equipment The Black Dragon Company so kindly left for us to take. Or so we thought. Apparently, the black bastard sword that Her Kinglyness took from one of the Company's tombs had become brittle over the centuries and snapped like a dry twig after a few practice swings. Luckily she spotted something glinting in the ground where the lake used to be, and it turned out to be a weapon of much greater power, the sword called Balmus. Hairy returned after his voyage with an armful of berries, and then things started to get worse.

From the puddle lying in the middle of the former-lake a single tiefling arose. He too was battered and beaten and somehow survived being in a flooded, caving-in chamber (4E, BOOYAH). He did however have enough strength, fuled by his anger to challenge the four of us to a battle to the death. 1 vs. 4. I like those odds. We accepted his challenge, thought he was a lunatic, but still accepted it nonetheless. It wasn't until we entered the sopping, challenging terrain of the lakebed that this tiefling summoned from the ground 9 skeletons, and while some of them looked ready to fall to pieces, the others looked more challenging. 10 vs. 4. Now here I got a little concerned for our (my) survival. Her Kinglyness agreed, and as we fought off the horde of undead and the tiefling, now turning invisible and stabbing us in the sides, we forced our way to dry solid terrain. Lou Tenant was useless in this fight, spending most of his time healing himself instead of helping, all due to his lack of preparation for this or any fight.

In the end, we smashed skeleton after skeleton, and upon knocking the tiefling unconscious, the remaining few crumbled to dust. With a new captive, we started to roam through the forest to find our old ally Viktor in hope of finding some way home or, even better, treasure. Hairy, with his knowledge of this area, along with my tracking skills, eventually found Viktor. Needless to say he didn't take to our arrival too well, raising his shotgun at us on sight. H.K. used Lt/Cmnd as a peace offering, and even when Viktor got his chance for revenge, he spared his miserable life, shooting him in the leg instead (eye for an eye and all that I guess).

I took the time to catch some much needed sleep, as Viktor explained the army is nearby, and our best chance of finding this "ancient temple" and its "treasure" was late at night. Hairy wandered off to the bathroom, or so we thought, and after some time had passed, we heard a loud scream that sounded familiar. "GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!!" to be exact. H.K. and I journeyed off in the direction of the scream. All we found at first was a couple of strange idols, that happened to shoot darts at us when we leaned on them. (Note to self, avoid strange idols at all costs). We continued forwards onto a path that had Hairy's footprints, and the next thing I knew was that H.K. was plastered onto a tree with another tree trunk swinging like a pendulum stuck in her armor. Then we saw Hairy just beyond a pitfall underneath a net. We went forwards and (yay) got stuck in some traps of our own.

We got out, made our way back to camp, and with the help of Viktor built a catapult to launch us way over the forest of traps that lay before us all the way to the temple on the other side. H.K. went first, followed by Viktor, Hairy, and then myself. Flying (and screaming) through the night sky, we landed at the base of a pyramid in a desert clearing in the middle of the forest (?). H.K. landed ON the actual pyramid and collapsed to the bottom, Viktor landed next to her, Viktor landed in sand, next to another trap and fell down another pitfall with me landing on him shortly after.

We discovered that this area was also littered with deadly traps to prevent intruders from entering the temple. And, as to make matters even worse, the army showed up right after. Our only hope was to trick them, and kill their leader when caught unaware. I shapeshifted into an aged shifter, and while Hairy donned my red cloak, we took the guise of the master of this temple (me) and my assistant (Hairy). It was here when Lt/Cmnd landed on top of the pyramid, and rolled to its base. How he got there? I have no idea. Do I care? No. He had just enough time to roll into the bushes (he was bound) and for H.K. to hide in the top of a fallen tree, gun at the ready.

With some clever trickery and with some rather precise aiming on part of H.K. and Lt/Cmnd, as well as the amazing acting skills of Hairy and myself, we were able to outsmart the Dragonborn General of this army, and got him squashed by some falling boulders as he triggered a trap. The army fled in fear for their lives, and we were left to explore the pyramid/temple at our leisure.

—Corona Vox

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