Royal Ledger, Entry 5

Our gracious host took us aside and gave us a shopping list. We were to go into town and get everything on the list. It was an easy enough task, or at least that's what we thought when we set out.

Everything went perfectly normally! Nothing distressing or out of the ordinary happened at all! We gave him his items, and he let us go free, telling us that the easiest way to find civilization is to follow the nearby stream. He then punched the Corporal into a stream, probably for a number of reasons.

We gathered up our gear, and gave a warm farewell to the old man. Tracker and I walked alongside the stream, while the Corporal simply floated through it. Up ahead, we saw a hairy figure meditating beside the river. A large ethereal bear was swimming through the air around him. Tracker and I hid behind a couple trees, and watched as the Corporal stood up and greeted the stranger.

We couldn't hear from our vantage point, but that didn't matter. What was important was that the shifter wasn't trying to kill the Corporal yet. We went to investigate this anomalous behavior. As it turns out, the shifter was Hairy Medvedev, a Shaman who lived in the forest. We asked him for directions to any place that we could sleep, loot, or barter, and he consulted with his spirits.

He came back a moment later and said that there was a strange cult that had been meeting in a mountain nearby. That seemed to be a good enough place to get supplies, so off we went.

We came to a small lake next to a large rocky outcrop with a solid iron door. The door wouldn't budge, so our Bard decided to take a stab at it while we waited and skipped rocks over the lake. Eventually Tracker became impatient and asked the Corporal what to do. He told her that he would figure it out by himself. My help was enlisted, and when he was on the ground bleeding out of his face he told us that the runes on the door stated that the names of the Black Dragon Company members must be spoken for the door to open. We set to work looking through the book of The Tiki Company, looking for any mention of The Black Dragon Company. It took some time, but eventually we found all the names of the members.

The door fell on us, and we all rolled out of the way. When we entered, the door raised closed behind us. We lit torches and pressed into the cave. Another door lay in front of us, but it was sealed with a similar sort of magic. We decided to keep exploring.

We entered a room containing a large round table with a black dragon engraved on it. There were three identical chests on one side of the room. Hairy asked me to open one of them, and I obliged. Black smoke flew out, some sort of hallucinogen. The chest that the Corporal opened was actually a mimic so we all rushed to his aid. When the smoke finally cleared, we turned to see that a group of Tiefling cultists had entered the room.

They branded us intruders, and insulted our intellect for falling into their traps. I didn't bother arguing. Instead I decided to charge at them brandishing my sword.

A short fight took place, and we decided to follow the trail that the Tieflings took. We stole their robes and squeezed through a passage where we met another Tiefling guard. He asked us exactly what we were doing here, and Tracker, who was now a Tiefling, told him that we were new recruits.

We were taken into a side room to be instructed on the cult's motives. I wasn't really listening but I guess they worshiped an organization called the Black Dragon Company? Anyways, they decided that they trusted us enough to let us in the tomb of the four members.

Inside we opened the caskets, and found some excellent gear. Hairy took a belt of infinite oranges from Alister's casket, I took a Vampiric Broadsword from Clare's casket, Tiefling-Tracker took a set of knives from Winfrey's casket, and Corporal took a Einschler's Echoing Songblade of Madness from Wilward's.

We hid the loot and put the lids back on the caskets. Our escort led us to the living quarters and showed us to our rooms. I was sharing a room with our new friend Hairy, while Tracker and the Corporal were to share a room.

I stayed in my room to try to catch some shuteye when Tracker came inside and started to talk to me about forming a plan to get out of the cult. We decided it would be best to flood the place since it was below the small lake we saw. I still had some spare dynamite.

Hairy went looking for a safe way out while the Corporal strolled through the complex spreading sicknasty uncannybrutal rightwheeling wubs (why did I write that?) Hairy returned to our room and threw me a coat of scale mail that he found in the armory. I gleefully put it on as he told us that he had found a way out, and knew of an ideal location to set the explosives.

To make a long story short, we planted the dynamite, and it exploded. The caverns began to flood, and we made our escape. Once outside, we decided to take a rest.

—Her Royal Majesty, Astraea Allbright

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