Bottom Feeders in Nailo Harbor

We arrived in Nailo Harbor at dusk, and stabled our horses and caravan outside of a Pub. The first sight we were greeted by was a young lady, probably no older than sixteen, being dragged out of a Pub by two greasy looking sailors. She was screaming in terror, and struggling to go free.

Of course we had to help. We addressed the two, and Gus demanded that they unhand the girl. They laughed at him, and he drew his falchion. In one fell swing, he opened a bleeding gash on the larger man’s chest. The bewildered man stumbled for a second before Baz and I had a chance to strike twin-fold with a blast of fire and a kick to the face. He was dead before he hit the ground.

The other one panicked for a moment, and then he pulled a hand crossbow out of his pocket, and pointed it at the girl. He warned us that as soon as anyone made a move, he would shoot. There was a cold silence for a couple seconds, and then we took action. I assaulted his mind with eyebite, causing him to lose his bearings for a moment. When he go his thoughts in order once more, he attempted to fire upon the young lady, but Gus spun him around and took the shot to his plate armor, where it splintered harmlessly. Baz tore the child from the man’s grasp, and delivered a potent punch to his gut. The man attempted to run back into the Pub, but Gus seized the opportunity, and drove the falchion into his chest. The wound was a fatal one, but the drunk managed to stumble into the Pub before collapsing on the floor.

There were about fifteen sailors in the Pub, most of them armed with clubs and short-swords. They drew their weapons when they saw me and Gus enter the Pub with bloodied weapons. The Bartender took out a vicious looking crossbow, and pointed it at us.

Meanwhile, the girl had run off, and Baz was trying to find her. He ran around to the stables and began his search, but his efforts would have to wait; he saw through one of the Pub windows that a fight was brewing, and crashed in through it.

Fortunately, me and Gus were able to diplomatically resolve the situation. We told them of the deeds that these men were about to commit, and paid the bartender for the damages. Next we would find the girl.

It seems that she had climbed up atop the stables beside the Inn. Baz followed her, but she ran to the other end of the roof. She drew a dagger, and got ready to fight back against him. He attempted to reason with her, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Luckily, Gus climbed onto the stables and was able to calm her down. She sheathed the dagger, and they all climbed down. She had red hair, and looked like she had been living on the streets. Whoever was dragging her off probably wasn’t the first one to do so. She said her name was Kiana.

She told us that she was leaving the city. She would try to live in the forest by herself. Gus told her that he could teach her, and then showed her his druid powers, turning into first a dog, then a bear, and then at Kiana’s excited request, a Panther. Baz and Gus pulled the Caravan out of town to show her some survival skills in the forest, while I rented a room and stayed in the Pub to read the paper. Artemis had written another article, this time about discrimination towards Tieflings in Winterhaven. His works are excellent, and I find myself looking forward to them whenever I pick up a newspaper.

The next day, Gustaf came to the Pub and greeted me. We took the horses out of the town, and met up with Baztok and Kiana, who were either trying to figure out which mushrooms were safe to eat, or playing some sort of hide-and-seek game. Gus bade farewell to Kiana, who was now confident that she could live by herself in the woods. Baz gave her a white flower to remember us by.

We were on the road again, headed to the Gomezian mountains to plan our next move.

—Claudio Jones

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