Fraud and the Fugitive

Now I’m not one for daring, melodramatic escapes, but this was too good of an offer. I went for a stroll last night to pay my debt to George and Henry, and found a freshly tacked wanted poster with an artistic depiction of me, and a hefty reward of 20,000 gold pieces. Obviously my merchant friend didn’t know how to take a joke. He had probably paid off the police force, and now they were looking for me. This could, however, work in my favor.

When Gustaf and Baz came downstairs and started cooking breakfast, I showed them the poster, and told them my plan; they could bring me into a police station, collect the reward money, and then we would take down all the guards in our way, and pile into Gustaf’s caravan to make our escape.
We chose the police station closest to the east gate, as our plan was to make haste to Nailo Harbor.

Things went swimmingly. Baz and Gus restrained me by the arms and waltzed into the station. We were met with an ecstatic, but incompetent dwarf. He gave us the money upfront, and as soon as Gus had pocketed it, we sprung out assault. I made haste to the back of the room and began to lay down hell in the form of Eldrich magic, while Baz and Gus put a beating on the guards. We killed three of them, and then hurried outside to the caravan.

The alarm had already been sounded by the time we got moving. We burst through the city gate with four horsemen on our tails. I did my best to stall them, but my aim was off. Luckily, thanks to Gustaf’s adept driving and Baztok’s incredible acrobatics skills, we were able to shake them off and make our escape to Nailo Harbor.

—Claudio Jones

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