Bar Fight!

Baztok Huin Shuin Leejuin, a monk coming from a monastery in the Gomezian mountains, entered Gootham searching for a man named Mersh, only to find a small, plywood-constructed bar nestled in a grimy alley way. It was ran by a brawny Dragonborn who apparently built the shoddy little place. Many men were within, drinking merrily and laughing loudly.
Baztok walked inside, and many of the people within turned to stare at his tattered monk-robes, as well as his foreign complexion. He sat down at the bar and asked for water, which caused an eruption of laughter. One thing led to another, and, taken aback by the cascade of hysteria and violence, Baztok began to do what he did best: Fight.
His first strike had an unintended target; Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad. They began to fight one another and soon everyone in the bar was involved. When the bartender returned with Baztok's water, he was confronted by the sight of Baz and Gus, standing back to back and fighting off drunk rabble by the boatload. The bar itself was shaking in its poorly constructed foundation.
The bartender ran outside, and called the town guard, who had the bar surrounded in seconds. When Baz and Gus tore outside, they were met by a squad of crossbow-armed guards aiming at them. While Gus tried to reason with them (In his loud French sort of way,) Baz attempted to scale the wall of the Pub, which simply caused the collapse of the pathetic structure, and knocked Baztok unconscious.
Gus was pumped full of tranquilizer crossbow bolts by the guards.

They awoke in a couple of holding cells at the nearest police station, along with a Tiefling in the adjacent cell. The Tiefling introduced himself as Claudio Jones, and promised Baztok and Gustaf ample payment if they could break him out of jail, as his trial was the next day and he was almost surely going to be put to death on several counts of thievery. They agreed to help him out.
Using a bit of ingenuity, a gnome's magic cantrip, and the old piss-covered-towel trick, they were able to bend the bars of their cages just enough to squeeze on through, and crawl through their cell windows to emerge in the alley outside. The next step was to get their gear back.
Claudio and Baztok snuck to the front of the station, still wearing their prisoner uniforms, and waited for Gustaf's signal. The call came shortly.
"THE PRISONERS ARE ESCAPING!" came the cry from the back of the station. One of the guards within got up to investigate, and gave a shrill cry when he saw that they were correct. In the midst of the confusion, the other guards ran into the room with the holding cells. Claudio and Baztok ran inside, slamming and blocking the door behind them. From there, they retrieved the logs of their capture, as well as a log on Mersh and all their gear.

They made their escape then, and fled until they were sure that they would not be pursued.

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