Journey's End

A strange, wrapped creature burst forth from the sarcophagus. It was frail and aged, but I could sense the divine energy emanating from it. Immediately I knew that this was the creature the city had been built to contain. It would most certainly be impossible for us to kill.

The thing commended us on our disposal of its guardian, Ardeth, and inquired as to what year it was. Apparently it had been trapped in the city for a millennium, and was now eager to get out to spread destruction through the mortal realms.

A follower of Tiamat I may be, I am not one to advocate the destruction of everything I have known and loved. I began to spin my own web of lies, telling this creature that we were currently in the astral sea, but the natural world that was once below us has been wiped out. Utterly destroyed in a second war between the gods and the primordials. I told him that the remaining mortal races had found safe passage to an oddly habitable island in the elemental chaos known as Pangaea.

We exchanged ‘pleasantries’ for a moment, and then the creature turned to me and asked for me to give it whatever ritual components I may have. It began to construct a true portal, destination: Pangaea. Luckily for us, the portal opened into a plane of the elemental chaos, and before the creature had time to second guess itself, it had stepped through. We sealed the portal immediately, and breathed a sigh of relief.

The city began to shake, and we appeared back in the natural world. We made a dash for the exit, and left with our shares of the loot. I turned around and locked the city once more, making a vow to destroy the key as soon as we got the chance. Our horses came galloping towards us from a nearby sand dune, and we followed them back to find a veritable oasis with a pool of water and a couple palm trees.

We all filled our canteens, and then Allister decided to go for a swim.

At the bottom of the pool, he found the remains of a makeshift parachute, and a drowning, mewling Tokegaro. He hauled him out, and then he and Clare proceeded to have their way with him. I didn’t pay much attention, but I saw a severed arm go flying, and I’m fairly sure that Allister tore off his genitalia before Clare ran his head through with her broadsword.

Just as we were about to make our journey back to Noryn, we were approached by a half-orc who introduced himself as Zecht Tribal. He was asking us if one of us was a potent enough arcane user to help him find his way back home. I was not skilled enough to help him, but I pointed him in the direction of my father, Coheed Jones. He said that he would use that as a last resort, and then inquired about a “Tiki Company.” Obviously I had never heard of them, but Clare perked up and told him that he would find The Tiki Company somewhere in Winterhaven.

I didn’t bother asking how she knew. Instead, we hitched up the horses and made journey back to Noryn. When we arrived, we were surprised to see the town was in a much different state than what we had left it in. There were children playing in the streets, and people doing their everyday chores outside. The most noticeable difference, however, was that our Pub had been burned to the ground.

We asked the mayor what happened and, in a rather flustered manor, told us that it had been destroyed by a group of Bahamut’s angels. I searched through the rubble, and recovered my fireproof box, then we “purchased” caravans, and decided to leave Noryn for good. We would head to Nailo harbor and set up a Pub there instead.

—Wilward Jones

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