Brass Dragon

Clare and Allister managed to open the door on our left, and it was sealed shut behind them. Winfrey and I were left with the door to the right, which we opened with greater ease. It sealed behind us, preventing our escape. We pressed onwards up a dimly lit flight of stairs, and snuck onto a balcony overlooking a great chamber with a circular platform and a moat of water around it. The only entrance we saw was a bridge leading to a doorway at the edge of the room. On the platform was a sleeping dragon; a Brass dragon, guarding a trap-door that seemed to be our only way to venture further.

Windfry and I began to formulate a plan; we would gain the dragon’s friendship by pretending to be followers of Bahamut, but our thoughts were interrupted when Clare came roaring across the bridge—literally roaring—and challenged the dragon to a fight to the death. Allister was on the other side of the bridge, making scarce of himself. Winfrey and I decided to stay put for the time being; fighting the dragon was pointless and foolhardy, and Clare was apt to get herself killed.

After a few harsh words were exchanged, the fight began. Allister joined Clare in the fight against the dragon, and they drove him away from the trap-door for a short while. Winfrey and I decided to make our presence known. I shot a couple bolts of magic at the dragon, and then tossed a rope down from the balcony for Winfrey and I to climb. She went first, and landed a heavy-handed shot to the dragon’s skull with a well-placed dagger. It was momentarily knocked out, and the trapdoor unlocked.

Sensing that it was our chance to get going, I began to climb down the rope, but lost my grip and fell to the floor with a thud and slid to the ground with catlike finesse. Allister, Winfrey, and I all began to climb down the ladder in the trapdoor passage, but Clare was hard-set on killing the dragon. We reached the bottom, and entered a small coffin room with a single inhabitant; a man who introduced himself as “The Great Bandit Tokegaro.” I hired him as a second-level probationary member, and offered him some food. Apparently the man had been trapped down here for weeks, living off the occasional rat. Skepticism aside, we searched his possessions and learned something about the next room from him. He was carrying some strange, exotic weaponry that I had only seen before on one occasion. There was an arcane lock on the door, so I began to prepare a ritual to break it down.

Sounds of Clare’s battle with the dragon above us resonated through our chamber, and somehow motivated Tokegaro and Allister to climb up and help her. Toki failed quite horrendously, and came crashing down into the chamber only moments later. Allister on the other hand, managed to help Clare a great deal, and probably save both of their lives. He and Clare came crashing down the chute as well, and were immediately given medical attention. I lectured Clare, and put her on probation.

We then turned our attention to the formerly locked door that lead to the next chamber.

—Wilward Jones

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