Resting, resting, resting. Valuable time passes as we sit and idle; time is money of course and money is what we at the Black Dragon do best. Willward's strange, furtive glances towards that naive girl are unnerving at best, and the new dog-man, he's an odd one too… keeps trying to sell me oranges.

The statue where the riddle asker appeared and left before I could gut him is flanked by two doors, one side larger than the other. The choice of where to advance is quite obvious. The writing above them is in supernal, thus I cannot open them using the intended methods, but hitting them always does work doesn't it? Minor injuries aside it becomes time to reach down the beckoning hallway, blackness surrounding, towards greater treasures than what has already been found. Only the dog-man follows before the doors slam shut, seems like the hell spawn gets some time alone with Winfrey.

Is this going to get any better? A dragon, server of Bahumut none-the-less! Nothing will stop me now, nothing! Not even the dog-man! I'll gut this foul monster and remove it from this place, for I.. AM… CLARE!

—Clare Trannyth

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